National Bikers Roundup

DAVID ROSMAN: HOGs remain tame in Columbia

The belief that the HOGs wreak havoc on Columbia streets and live up to their name was not the reality. Last week's motorcyclists praised the city and found a surprising "favorite hangout."

Bikers roundup charity donates more than 33 tons of food

God's Wheels, the motorcycle ministry and official charity of the National Bikers Roundup, helped collect 66,563 pounds of food during the roundup held this past week in Columbia. The food was given to the Food Bank for Central and Northeast Missouri to serve 32 counties.

Attendance for National Bikers Roundup lower than expected

Estimates for turnout varied, with numbers as high as 25,000 and as low as 15,000. Organizers had previously expected 35,000.

Stolen vehicle might have been used in motorcycle theft

A white van was reported stolen Saturday afternoon after a similar vehicle was seen near the hotel where two Suzuki motorcycles were stolen.

Roundup bikers share passion for open road, friendship

On the final full day of the National Bikers Roundup, attendees explained why they love their motorcycles and riding.

PHOTO GALLERY: Final full day of roundup includes test drives, custom details

As of Saturday, the final full day of the 33rd National Bikers Roundup, the event had about 12,000 participants.

In the cool of the evening, the biker community comes alive

As predicted, more motorcyclists and attendees arrived at the Boone County Fairgrounds on Thursday evening, the first night of live music at the National Bikers Roundup.

PHOTO GALLERY: Thursday night at the National Bikers Roundup

The National Bikers Roundup continues through the weekend at the Boone County Fairgrounds.

National Bikers Roundup live music schedule

Weekend performances include Chingy and the St. Lunatics.

Many roundup bikers choose camping experience

Bikers settled into their campsites on the second day of the National Bikers Roundup at the Boone County Fairgrounds. Camping is part of the roundup experience for many of the bikers, largely because it puts them near the heart of events.

From Vox: Biker Roundup restaurant and bar deals

This week 35,000 bikers are expected to descend on Columbia. With the hype over how much money these out-of-towners are expected to spend while they're here ($6 million!?!), our friends at Vox figured there were probably some deals to be had.

PHOTO GALLERY: Second day of National Bikers Roundup

Many bikers braved the heat to get out and explore Boone County. Some camped at the Boone County Fairgrounds.

National Bikers Roundup heats up on opening day

Bikers and vendors settled in at the National Bikers Roundup, which opened Tuesday at the Boone County Fairgrounds.

PHOTO GALLERY: National Bikers Roundup Opening Day

Motorcycle enthusiasts from around the country have rolled into Columbia for the National Bikers Roundup.

Roundup biker traffic, primary election day could cause extra traffic

The primary election polls open at 6 a.m. Tuesday, and the National Bikers Roundup begins at 9 a.m. Although polling locations do not anticipate a major interference, the city has taken measures to re-route traffic.

National Bikers Roundup pulls into Columbia

The National Bikers Roundup, an event conservatively estimated to bring 35,000 bikers and $6 million to mid-Missouri, is starting on Tuesday at the Boone County Fairgrounds.

National Bikers Roundup celebrates more than motorcycles

The National Bikers Roundup attracts tens of thousands of bikers and bike enthusiasts across the nation, but its family-friendly atmosphere makes it popular as well.

Bikers Roundup draws 'politest group,' Pa. fairgrounds secretary says

The public information officer in a small community in Pennsylvania called the 2008 National Bikers Roundup "the biggest non-event that we've ever had." That event drew a third or less of the numbers expected in Columbia starting Tuesday.

Missouri Roundup Committee seeking more security for National Bikers Roundup

Boone County Sheriff Dwayne Carey is working with the Missouri Roundup Committee to determine security arrangements for the National Bikers Roundup at the Boone County Fairgrounds Aug. 3 to  8.

Columbia to host 33rd Annual National Bikers Roundup

Despite some trouble host cities have had in the past, the Boone County Fairgrounds plans to host the National Bikers Roundup on Aug. 3 to 8 because of the economic benefits.