Navy-MU bands play over each other

LETTER: Band mixup not that big of a deal

Navy fans bemoaning "hurt" feelings and "disrespect" has grown tiresome.

DEAR READER: Sometimes the commentary becomes the news

A lively debate over the performances of the bands at the Texas Bowl offerered differing and unique perspectives of fans and band members.

LETTER: MU apology to Navy rings hollow

Marching Mizzou was selfish for playing five songs at the end of the game before allowing the Midshipmen to play their revered alma mater.

LETTER: Questions about traditions following Missouri-Navy game

In the end, it was a great game and the Mizzou fans were great folks.

LETTER: Missouri band stole the moment at Texas Bowl

Most football programs know and respect each others' traditions.

MU, Navy band officials: Clash of songs just a misunderstanding

Football fans clashed online over the weekend in a verbal brawl about conflicting band performances after the Texas Bowl.


LETTER: MU band showed disrespect

Marching Mizzou prevented the Navy Drum and Bugle Corps members from playing their alma mater.