Proposition B: dog breeding

Dog breeding bill prompts thousands to write to Missouri governor

Many of the emails urge Gov. Jay Nixon to veto the legislation that would change Proposition B, while others ask him to sign the legislation because the puppy breeding business creates jobs.

TODAY'S QUESTION: What do you think of the proposed compromise for dog-breeding regulations?

Gov. Jay Nixon is close to a compromise to amend the new dog-breeding law that was passed in November.

UPDATE: Progress made on Missouri dog-breeding issue, Nixon says

Gov. Jay Nixon met with the Speaker of the Missouri House of Representatives on Wednesday about an agreement that would repeal some of the dog-breeding restrictions passed last November.

Missouri governor supports new dog-breeding compromise

The new agreement removes the 50-dog limit like the Senate bill the Missouri legislature passed last week and also adds $1.1 million for dog breeding regulation and enforcement.

Missouri lawmakers approve overhauling dog-breeding law

Some provisions of Missouri's dog-breeding law passed by voters in November will be revised or eliminated by Missouri lawmakers in a new bill that has yet to be passed by Gov. Jay Nixon.

LETTER: Dogs suffer while politicians debate changes to Proposition B

Missouri Senate Bill 113 and House Bill 131 would strip Proposition B of the protections it offers to dogs in breeding facilities.

LETTER: Senate should have to suffer for tinkering with puppy-breeding law

Missouri senators should have to endure some of the uncomfortable conditions that were banned by voters four months ago.

Residents petition to uphold dog breeding initiative

On March 10, the Senate endorsed a bill that would lift the 50-dog restriction and larger cage requirements imposed by Proposition B.

LETTER: Respect dogs, democracy on Proposition B

Proposition B, a recently passed piece of legislation regulating dog breeding and puppy mills, is currently under debate.

Missouri Senate votes to repeal some dog-breeding rules

The Senate bill removes the cap of 50 breeding dogs per breeder and rolls back requirements for the dogs' living conditions.

Missouri Senate debates dog breeding legislation

The bill would lift a limit of 50 dogs per breeder, which is scheduled to take effect later this year with the rest of Proposition B.

LETTER: Let's give Prop B a chance to work

Proposition B was legally passed by the majority of Missouri voters and because of that, we need to give it a chance to work without repealing it right away.

J. KARL MILLER: Legislature should tackle flawed Proposition B

The legislature's potential plans to modify or repeal the "puppy mill initiative" have raised debate via comments and letters to editors statewide.

Missouri House committee supports changes in Proposition B

Members of the House Agriculture Policy Committee advanced a bill eliminating much of Proposition B, the Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention Act that narrowly passed in a statewide vote last year.

DAVID ROSMAN: Legislature ignores will of the people

The Missouri GOP is pushing back against voter-approved laws.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Unlicensed breeders at heart of Prop B problem

Both sides of the Proposition B debate can find common ground in a need to address the problem of unlicensed breeders in Missouri.

Prop B under fire again in Missouri's Senate

Opponents of new regulations for dog breeding hope to convince legislators to amend or repeal the proposition passed in November.

Effort to repeal dog breeding law begins

A bill by House Republican Tony Dugger calls for the repeal of Proposition B, which was approved by Missouri voters in November 2010. The law is scheduled to take effect later this year.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Separating myths and facts regarding Prop B

Proposition B passed in November, but the debate around the legislation is far from over.

LETTER: Legislators should leave Prop B alone

Rep. Chris Kelly recently called for a review to discuss changes to Proposition B, but his reasons for doing so are off the mark.