Proposition B: dog breeding

DEAR READER: Let the lobbying commence on repealing Prop B

The intensity and interest in Proposition B is evident in the discussion on Can we reframe the debate as the legislature talks of repeal?

GUEST COMMENTARY: Let will of voters stand; don't mess with Prop B

Legislators should respect the voice of the people and create no law that would nullify the Puppy Mill Prevention Act.

Agricultural groups weigh options for fighting Proposition B

Groups trying to keep the ballot initiative from taking effect are considering judicial and legislative means of fighting the newly enacted law, which raises standards for commercial dog breeders.

Election 2010: Proposition B passes narrowly

New rules for dog breeders in Missouri, strongly supported by the Humane Society of the United States, were approved by the smallest of margins in Tuesday's election. Breeders have one year to come into compliance with the new regulations.

Proposition B would create stricter standards for dog breeding and little else

Supporters and opponents of the initiative discuss the Humane Society of the United States' goals in Missouri, who Proposition B regulations would apply to and what the HSUS has to do with local shelters.

LETTER: Prop B opponents don't condone mistreatment of animals

There is no greater steward of the land and livestock than a farmer or rancher. To insinuate otherwise is insulting.

Breeders fearful of tighter rules under Prop B

Missouri breeders find issues with Proposition B and fear compliance with the new regulations will shut them down. Proponents of the measure say it is necessary to protect thousands of puppies raised in substandard conditions.

LETTER: Unlicensed breeders unlikely to follow new law

Instead of passing Proposition B, additional funding should be allocated to enforce existing laws.

LETTER: Rose Nolen should consider who is behind Proposition B

It's important to consider where the proposition is coming from before passing judgment on it.

Organization calls for investigation into disposal of dead dogs

Missourians for the Protection of Dogs has requested that the Missouri Department of Natural Resources follow up on complaints of large-scale breeding facilities' and commercial dog brokers' illegally disposing of dog carcasses.

ROSE NOLEN: Respecting animals, nature important to previous Missouri farmers

Voting 'yes' on Proposition B is an opportunity to support a system that values high standards. 


Vets and breeders discuss impact of Prop B on dogs' health

Missouri veterinarians weigh in on which kind of flooring is best for dogs' health, how much access to the outdoors they need and if breaks between breeding cycles are necessary while professional breeders discuss their practices and what they think is best for their dogs' health.

LETTER: Proposition B provides clear guidance to inspectors

It has criminal prohibitions that law enforcement can easily identify without a need to consult experts.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Proposition B not the right answer to problem

Proposition B is mainly known through Columbia as the “Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention Act.” So why would a longtime trainer, exhibitor, local and national club member and instructor of dogs be against Proposition B?

Campaign donations for and against Proposition B increase as election nears

The pro-Proposition B group is far ahead of its main opponent in fundraising, but that might not be the best indicator of which side will win on Nov. 2.

LETTER: Prop B provides common-sense standards, not extremism

Tens of thousands of dogs are suffering in puppy mills across our state. We can change this for the better.

LETTER: Prop B about limiting freedom, not taking care of dogs

Voting NO on Proposition B does not mean you approve of puppy mills or inhumane conditions for dogs.


La Russa promotes Missouri measure on dog breeders

The TV advertisement identifies Tony La Russa as founder of the group Animal Rescue Foundation, not as the Cardinals manager.

LETTER: Show both sides of the Prop B debate

Many articles written by the news people give the protesters more coverage than the main story.

The Week in Comments: Proposition B, Tasers and advertising trucks

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