Proposition B: dog breeding

A comparison of current and proposed dog breeding laws

Two laws define the standards of care licensed breeders must meet: the Animal Care Facilities Act, which is a state statute, and the Animal Welfare Act, which is a federal law.

Prop B elicits strong emotions as vote nears

Supporters of the proposal on the Nov. 2 ballot say Missouri has a serious problem with abusive dog breeders that can only be addressed through legislation. Some breeders fear that the legislation would put them out of business.

LETTER: Love man's best friend and support Proposition B

Proposition B, the Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention Act, requires care for the dogs in breeding-operations that all dog-owners should be in support of.

TODAY'S QUESTION: Is there too much money coming from out-of-state to support Proposition B?

Most of the $2 million raised has come from out-of-state sources.

LETTER: Prop B 'sounds cruel'

One kennel owner believes Proposition B will not stop unlicensed breeders and that proposed regulations may potentially harm animals further.

TODAY'S QUESTION: What do you think about Proposition B?

Proposition B aims to prohibit cruel treatment of dogs in large breeding operations and requires proper nourishment, shelter and veterinary care for them.

LETTER: Proposition B, a reasonable measure to protect dogs, won't harm reputable breeders

Proposition B, a measure requiring dog breeders who own more than 10 dogs to follow specific care, feeding and shelter guidelines, will be up for vote in November.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Prop B would improve lives of dogs

 Proposition B, which will be presented to voters on the November ballot, would put regulations into place that would encourage more humane treatment of dogs in large- scale breeding operations.


LETTER: 'Puppy Mill' petition hurts professionals, families

"Puppy Mill Cruelty" is a moniker crafted to incite emotion and fear. The proposed ballot initiative will adversely affect the state's professional kennels and the good families who run them.

LETTER: Proposition B designed to protect animals, not destroy animal agriculture

Proposition B is an initiative that will appear on the November ballot to end puppy mills in Missouri.

Missouri group fights dog breeding ballot measure

A judge in Cole County could determine the fate of Missouri's Proposition B, a measure set to go to voters in November that would establish new rules for dog breeding.

New Yorkers to adopt dogs rescued in Missouri

About 120 dogs of all ages will be available for adoption on Long Island following their rescue from 14 "puppy mills" in Missouri.

LETTER: Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention Act is a reasonable measure

The campaign manager for Missourians for the Protection of Dogs argues against hobby breeder Jon Kimes' article against the Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention Act, explaining that he and other hobby breeders should be supporting the legislation along with her.

GUEST COLUMN: 'Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention Act' would restrict responsible owners

A Missouri hobby breeder explains the proposed legislation and why it might harm dogs more than it helps them.

More than 100 dogs taken from Missouri property

The Humane Society of Missouri, the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Miller County Sheriff's Department removed the dogs on Monday. The dogs were taken to the Humane Society headquarters in St. Louis for care.

UPDATE: Missouri petitions on dog-breeding, court changes filed

Under the proposed dog-breeding measure, people could only have 50 breeding dogs and would be required to feed animals daily, provide annual veterinary care and not breed animals more than twice every 18 months.

Petition filed to increase dog breeding restrictions in Missouri

Activists are proposing a "Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention Act" that calls for stricter regulations for Missouri dog breeders.  Those seeking new restrictions delivered tens of thousands of signatures before the 5 p.m. deadline on Sunday in hopes of getting the proposal before voters.

Art exhibit to highlight Missouri's puppy mill industry

A group looking to call attention to Missouri's puppy mill industry is sponsoring a traveling art exhibit entitled "Misery in Missouri: Dogs Can't Vote, You Can."

LETTER: The facts about the Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention Act

Though the Missouri Cattlemen's Association would have you think otherwise, the measure would have no impact on agriculture.

Rep. Loehner proposes bill for humane care of animals

Rep. Tom Loehner, R-Koeltztown, responded to animal rights groups and the recent puppy mill ballot initiative with a potential constitutional amendment this week. Loehner said the agriculture industry is feeling threatened by such groups.