Rose Nolen columns

Don't let someone else fight for your health care

It's time for Americans to get back their fighting spirit and do something for themselves about health care. Don't depend on others to do the battle for you.

Women are qualified to bring a return to civility

History contains many examples of women being the force behind change. Perhaps it's time for women to follow history's footsteps and lead the campaign to return to civility.

Nostalgia for the old neighborhoods warrants change

What happened to the old black neighborhoods that were safer, more cohesive and friendlier, and where young men and young women addressed each other in respectful terms? We need to get back to those ideals and we need to do it now.

Health care system should focus on helping the masses, not profit

If we truly want to go down this path of indifference, we can no longer deny that we are the kind of people our enemies say we are. And make no mistake about it we can no longer serve as leaders of the free world.

Haters do all they can to keep others down

Until citizens are accepting of people other than the typical white, heterosexual male, there will a damper on the amount of acceptance and progress in the country.

When money talks, politicians are too eager to listen

The future of America is about more than the accumulation of money. Today's politicians should take their positions seriously and shift their priorities towards building a nation fit for tomorrow's generations.

America is not living up to its potential

The health care debate is the latest example of America missing an opportunity to correct its mistakes of the past and display the ideals of the country.

Americans' weak sense of civic duty hurts health reform

Those who oppose health care reform don't understand a citizen's civic and moral duty to do what's best for the country as a whole. The lack of empathy springs from the breakup of families, the discontinuation of the military draft and the fact that some schools may not have civics classes anymore.

Few willing or able to change irresponsible youth culture

Teen pregnancy, high-school dropout rates and other indicators of an unrestained youth culture may foretell America's slide into dicatorship and Third World status. Unless attitudes change it won't be easy to alter the course.

Hate speech turns into hateful actions

Whether the topic is abortion, racism or health care reform, hate speech can lead to illegal and immoral actions among fringe groups, adding to the caustic atmosphere of debate in America.

Parents must retake control of children and the educational system

In America today, more kids are dropping out of school, and young women are getting pregnant before they even know how to take care of a child. Parents need to take back the reins by improving the educational system and keeping their children in school.

History offers valuable lessons in modern issues of race

The arrest of Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates provided proof that conversations on race are still vital and important. It's up to everyone to know their history in order to maintain the discussion and keep others informed.

Prescription drug abuse poses new challenge for grandparents

Painkillers and prescription medications can be just as dangerous as street drugs, but many grandparents do not adequately guard their medicine cabinets from their grandchildren.

Elders can help you make the best of a bad situation

The greatest people are those who have been able to be content in the worst situations, and it helps to surround one's self with the wisdom of elders.

Dressing sharp is one way to improve manners

For some of us, as young women, dressing for the occasion was as much a part of the event as our attendance. Making certain that the dress, the shoes and yes, even the makeup was right, was a part of the fun. It’s hard to imagine growing up as a female without this rite of passage.

America's health care is more important than foreign affairs

Discrimination against anyone is harmful for our future

Americans have hurt other Americans for decades. That's unacceptable, especially when those in positions of power inflict that kind of pain under the guise of political freedom.

U.S. lacks a nonpolitical unifying voice

The country will not be able to maintain its position of leadership in the world if things continue the way they are going.

Big banks' greed giving bad name all bankers

Gone are the days when bankers wanted to be user friendly their customers. The industry is taking advantage of the ugly financial situation to improve its bottom line.

Society should change its attitudes about fear, death

Whether it's politicians or terrorists, fear mongering is used too often in our society.