Rose Nolen columns

ROSE NOLEN: A big family provides a lifetime of memories

Big families help create lots of memories, fill life with laughter and fun. Of course, there also are ups and downs.

ROSE NOLEN: Slow time down and savor the memories

Keeping written notes of events helps revive memories, and remind us to slow down and embrace the past, too.

ROSE NOLEN: Listen more than you speak

It is wonderful that we have so many ways to communicate. But a note written on the Internet is not private.

ROSE NOLEN: A remembrance of Nelson Mandela

Living in the same world as a great man such as Nelson Mandela was an honor.


ROSE NOLEN: Solving health care woes allows society to refocus

Once we get the health care problem resolved we can hopefully do something about minimum wage.

ROSE NOLEN: Government must do more to regulate cost of living

A new national program for the homeless is a step in the right direction, but it's not enough. The government must also raise minimum wage if it hopes to combat homelessness.

ROSE NOLEN: Shared memories, experiences make us stronger

Our mobility as a society costs us in many ways. We live in many houses and several neighborhoods, and our environments are constantly changing.

ROSE NOLEN: Accepting all humans as equal can be challenge

People who have lived all of their lives submerged in a sea of racial supremacy, drowned in the belief that one race is superior to all others, are not likely to recover easily. To learn to accept all human beings as equals, for some, can be a challenge.

ROSE NOLEN: In America, we can't live without people

We cannot afford to shut down our government. Things can go wrong any place, any time, and when they do, we depend on the people who work for this nation.

ROSE NOLEN: Texting while driving is reckless behavior

Young people should acknowledge the seriousness and possibility of danger when they text while behind the wheel.


ROSE NOLEN: Guns, violence here to stay

No matter how many mass murders occur, people will continue clinging to their guns.

ROSE NOLEN: Cost of funerals is outrageous

Even though funerals provide an important step in the grieving process, they shouldn't cost so much.




ROSE NOLEN: Fall season is perfect time to explore Missouri

It’s harvest time, the planting is all done, and now it’s time to enjoy the fruits of the labor. It’s time for long, leisurely drives across the state. It’s time to visit the neighbors and see what changes the year has brought into being.

ROSE NOLEN: Families should discuss gun safety

Truly, people are not trying to do away with guns. They are simply searching for ways to do away with the violence.

ROSE NOLEN: Americans should trust one another more

I don’t think we will become a stronger people through the use of guns. I can only hope we will become a wiser people through knowledge and understanding.

ROSE NOLEN: Trayvon Martin and Emmett Till are national reminders of racism

Racial attitudes against the civil rights movement may still be prevalent today.

ROSE NOLEN: Families key in solving social problems today

It will only be when the public decides to really get involved will we see the end to many of our social dilemmas. Every household needs to be accountable and commit itself to taking a stand to help rid this country of dangerous drugs.

ROSE NOLEN: Remembering our military heroes, with mixed feelings

Serving in the military today is a lot different than it used to be.

ROSE NOLEN: Don't depend on politicians to make the situation better

Americans need to band together to figure out how to fix the economy because people need jobs and families need to survive.

ROSE NOLEN: It's not easy, but let's strive for drug-free communities

We should use our freedom to better ourselves and communities instead of using it for entertainment.