Rose Nolen columns

ROSE NOLEN: Summer projects spark nostalgia for things that last

In a world of temporary things, there are still items — and events — that are made to last.

ROSE NOLEN: Taking a look at sleep, surgery and summer vacation

Missouri is a great place to spend the summer exploring.

ROSE NOLEN: Emancipation Day reminds us of our history, community

The story of slavery is very important in African-American history. The men and women who endured the hardships and overcame the struggles are the heroes and heroines of our story.

ROSE NOLEN: Family members share tales of history

Rose Nolen had a family of storytellers. Wherever news was being made in Missouri, chances were some family member was nearby.

ROSE NOLEN: May is a month for celebrations, remembering the past

Sharing stories about departed family members is one way to bring back happy memories of forgotten times.

ROSE NOLEN: Dreams, expectations different for everyone

Dreams and expectations are different for everyone, but a backup system always proves to be valuable.

ROSE NOLEN: Time to examine what and how teachers teach

The prevailing thought seems to be that students have lost interest in school, so unless they are provided with the right answers to test scores they are unable to pass.

ROSE NOLEN: Boys', girls' upbringing very different

Most of the time, men and women have had such different upbringings as young adults that it could strike one as amazing that they would not require infinitely more socializing before they agreed to marry.

ROSE NOLEN: We must send a message to Congress about gun laws

The vote against background checks for gun owners proved that Congress is in favor of special interest groups rather than U.S. citizens.

ROSE NOLEN: Adults must take responsibility for their actions and stop blaming others

We have gotten to the point where we are willing to blame someone else for every wrongdoing an individual commits.

ROSE NOLEN: Veterans' medical needs underserved

We can’t allow our wounded children to sit round and suffer, waiting until we get the money to treat them.

ROSE NOLEN: You can survive a while without your phone

People used to use their office phones for business during the day and reserved social calls for evenings on their home phones. But when cellphones came on the market, it seems people began to use them full time for everything.

ROSE NOLEN: A love affair with libraries remains even in a tech-savvy world

Being in love with a library is easy. They’re loyal. They never let you down. There’s always another book to read. Always.

ROSE NOLEN: States should be united, not undermine federal law

Even when we pass a federal law, such as the Affordable Care Act, people are struggling with some states' innumerable attempts to annul them.

ROSE NOLEN: Black History Month continues to offer information not always taught in schools

As people grow older, parts of black history falls away, unable to reach future generations.


ROSE NOLEN: Animals can boost physical, emotional well-being when kept as pets

Two sisters differed for a long time on their opinions about having pets, but eventually, they found the animals were a source of comfort.

ROSE NOLEN: Guns don't belong in schools

Schools are laboratories for learning, not armed camps. When we can no longer provide safe places for children to learn, then we need to keep our children at home.

ROSE NOLEN: It's time to address immigration

In America, we need to get a handle on work. If there are jobs to be done and not enough money to pay to have them done, then we need to figure out what we are going to do about it.

ROSE NOLEN: Many are already off the fiscal cliff

I think I went off the fiscal cliff shortly after 9/11, and I don’t think I ever got back on. The two big wars were enough to keep me struggling just to keep my feet on the ground.

ROSE NOLEN: History shows that people continue push to secede

Allowing people who want to secede could help the country make up years of progress just by not having to listen to the negativism these people espouse.