Rose Nolen columns

ROSE NOLEN: Missouri women are concerned about education about women's health

It’s disturbing, really, to discover how much time and energy men in public office are using to rake over women’s health issues. I think they actually believe that they are doing the right thing. In their own, ridiculously pitiful way, I think they are trying to protect women from themselves.

ROSE NOLEN: Create jobs, not war

This convention seasons brings out a host of people claiming to have ideas on how to fix this country. Unfortunately, most of those ideas are not very good.

ROSE NOLEN: Let's agree to disagree and still talk to each other

Everyone, even Todd Akin, is entitled to an opinion. Even if that opinion is off-based.

ROSE NOLEN: Some Americans will not accept rule by the wealthy

The Supreme Court's ruling on Citizens United opened the door for unlimited political contributions by corporations and now wealthy citizens are influencing elections. Additionally, new voter ID laws are restricting minorities' access to the polls. If nothing is done, American democracy will crumble.

ROSE NOLEN: Constitution provides freedom of choice, even for things we don't like

Freedom is considered a core value of American life, but what happens when individuals start using those freedoms to harm others? Rose Nolen offers her take on the complexity of freedom in America.

ROSE NOLEN: Money will determine the presidential election

Campaign funding may be the main factor in determining the 2012 election, but Americans haven't yet allowed it to decide the outcome.

ROSE NOLEN: Surrendering to the power of money

A recent Supreme Court ruling allowing unrestricted independent political expenditures from corporations is just the latest example of the country's surrender to the power of money.

ROSE NOLEN: Job training is more about people than work

A lack of employer leadership hinders employee growth and productivity and fosters complacency, which leads to poor employee performance.

ROSE NOLEN: Congress refuses to address important issues

Our country is in a terrible shape, and Congress is doing nothing to make things. Those who survived the Great Depression could have given us some good advice. They would probably have suggested that we work together. Hmm, imagine that.

ROSE NOLEN: Money seems to control the vote

If the wealthy can anonymously purchase our country's leaders, do we really know who our leaders are?

ROSE NOLEN: Women need women on their side over workplace rights

Workplace discrimination against women still exists today, and solving the problem will require women 'banding together' on the same side.


ROSE NOLEN: Today's history presents a more exciting view of the past

We can learn from history in more exciting ways than we used to. And sometimes, it is helpful to look over our shoulders and profit from past experiences.

ROSE NOLEN: Gay marriage is a matter of civil rights

People need to properly understand the separation of church and state. We should be more concerned about people who hate than whom someone loves.

ROSE NOLEN: Electoral process, political parties have left voters confused

The volatility of the electoral process has left voters uninspired, confused and willing to skip out on Election Day. If we continue on this path, it is difficult to say what kind of government we will ultimately inspire.

ROSE NOLEN: People create racial unrest through speech

The language chosen by some people during this presidential campaign to express their displeasure is off the charts.

ROSE NOLEN: Political parties do little to solve country's problems

The United States has struggled over the years in maintaining the principles outlined in the Constitution. Political parties do little to stick to the ideals of our forefathers.

ROSE NOLEN: Clear First Amendment regulations would encourage civil discourse

Because many people do not have a firm grasp of the First Amendment, they do not know what they can or cannot legally say. As citizens, we need to monitor harmful speech, such as Rush Limbaugh's recent outbursts.

ROSE NOLEN: We should memorialize, continue to fight for women's rights

This generation and future generation should continue to fight for women's rights, in remembrance of the women who gathered at Seneca Falls Convention and stood for equal rights, and preserve the rights.

ROSE NOLEN: Male Republicans desire control in women's rights issues

A recently defeated amendment would have allowed insurance providers with moral or religious objections to refuse to cover birth control.

ROSE NOLEN: Information is everywhere, but when is it helpful?

The excess of information is causing exhaustion and mental agitation for some, much of which seems superfluous to the average person.