Rose Nolen columns

ROSE NOLEN: Public servants deserve more respect

No one should have to tolerate disrespect in order to do the job they agreed to perform.

ROSE NOLEN: New cat brings lot of energy

As The Cat Who Disappears explores his new home, Missourians should explore their own history.

ROSE NOLEN: More and more families ending up in disarray

The way we live today means that more families are seeing feuds and conflicts that tear the family apart.

ROSE NOLEN: Fight against drugs becoming worse, affecting Missouri's future

The ongoing war against drugs in Missouri is straining resources and tainting the state's image.

ROSE NOLEN: Attitude toward work needs an adjustment

Working youths of today don't seem to have the ethical understanding or drive to abide by the rules of the workplace.

ROSE NOLEN: Prowling rummage sales difficult to give up

A new apartment's lack of storage space forced the end of a rewarding habit.

ROSE NOLEN: Abusive children put elderly parents at risk

There was a time when older people stabilized the community. Today they seem to be left stumbling through the community as "at-risk" as everyone else.

ROSE NOLEN: Moving from house to apartment has advantages

Living in an apartment offers a freer lifestyle and less responsibility than owning property.

ROSE NOLEN: Technology has taken away our time to contemplate

If we weren't so "busy" being entertained, we might have a chance at using our brain for something constructive.

ROSE NOLEN: Technology thrives, but real relationships suffocate

Technology may simplify the act of connecting and communicating. But what toll does that take on our ability to connect to real people in the real world?

ROSE NOLEN: Separation of church and state important in America

Separation of church and state needs to be re-emphasized.

ROSE NOLEN: Younger generations need to remember importance of unions

The luxuries of the current work landscape need to be recognized by younger generations, and they need to realize that things like a 40-hour workweek were fought for by past generations through unions.

ROSE NOLEN: America should focus on its own democracy first

The United States should not presume to tell another country how it should run.

ROSE NOLEN: Growing up in big family makes for many stories

Large families can provide enrichment and enough stories to tell for generations.

ROSE NOLEN: American isolationism is fueled by ignorance

Many Americans' isolation is not limited to the snow piled outside their doors, but due to ignorance and fear of the world community. 

ROSE NOLEN: Don't tell friends when you're choosing a new pet

Choosing a pet is a very personal matter, and pet-loving friends usually want to give you their opinion regarding what kind of animal to pick.

ROSE NOLEN: Hate speech, free speech not synonymous terms

Hate speech and free speech continue to conflict and overlap as Black History Month begins. 

ROSE NOLEN: Political parties must behave responsibly

ROSE NOLEN: Health care debate reflects ideological split in U.S.

America's irreconcilable viewpoints permeate its value system.

ROSE NOLEN: Tucson shooting not surprising, considering current state of US

The recent violence in Arizona is another sign that Americans face rampant social problems.