Rose Nolen columns

ROSE NOLEN: Some lessons are hard to learn

Trying to move out of my house after 40 years and writing a book at the same time is challenging, but it has taught me several lessons.

ROSE NOLEN: Government needs to protect kids from irresponsible parenting

The use of our tax dollars to help undo the harm people are doing to their own children goes against the grain. If government doesn't step in to try to protect these children, who will?

ROSE NOLEN: Respecting animals, nature important to previous Missouri farmers

Voting 'yes' on Proposition B is an opportunity to support a system that values high standards. 


ROSE NOLEN: Home should be an important place

The virtues of home and true friends keep us anchored throughout our lives, providing for our needs — both mental and physical.

ROSE NOLEN: Accept different groups in America; don't hate them

The recent cyber-bullying  that led to the suicide of a Rutgers student is just one example of growing intolerance.

ROSE NOLEN: Americans unwilling to stand up for beliefs

Politicians are able to disregard the will of the people because the people don't stand up for themselves and say anything about it.

ROSE NOLEN: Not all Americans are proud of country's intolerance

Innocent Americans died during both the Oklahoma City bombing and the 9/11 terrorist attacks, yet many people think about the two events differently. Many can easily label the 9/11 hijackers as terrorists, but the same can't be said about bomber Timothy McVeigh.

ROSE NOLEN: Too many take freedoms for granted

Many talk about how important our freedoms are, but few talk about how to use them responsibly.

ROSE NOLEN: Unemployment burden falls on the working class

The country needs to look past the two-party system to fix current unemployment problems.


ROSE NOLEN: No race, culture or religion owns America

Most Americans, I think, truly want the country to live up to its promise. Only a minority made up of idiots wants to see America drown in a cesspool of bigotry.

ROSE NOLEN: Healing our communities is a challenge of the 21st century

Friendly neighborhoods are a thing of the past as result of changes in circumstance, people

COLUMN: Polarized debate does nothing productive for our nation

People who spread uninformed opinions are detrimental to harmony in society.

COLUMN: Isolating yourself makes reality harder to deal with

Those who live in cyberspace have a shell of an existence.

COLUMN: In emergencies don't panic, think the situation through

The free flow of information is important in a democratic society but it seems that Americans are doing harm to themselves by listening to material that might be questionable or false.

COLUMN: Defrauding Medicare a reprehensible practice

Those corrupted by a love of money are ruining our society.

COLUMN: Voters entrenched in partisan politics lose sight of community issues

Citizens who focus on gun control, abortion rights and homosexual unions are no longer concerned about public school education, health care for children and providing shelter for the homeless.

COLUMN: Overeating has consequences

Rising obesity in Missouri calls for heightened action in parenting, food-related businesses and each person's health-conscious decisions.

COLUMN: Veterans are underappreciated

This Independence Day, we should be grateful for our military, while looking for ways to better serve our country and those who served before us.

COLUMN: Independence Day festivities shouldn't include dangerous activities for children

The Fourth of July and Halloween would be much more enjoyable if parents would take care of their children.

COLUMN: Privacy should be respected

Instead of letting every little detail of your life out for public consumption, try practicing restraint.