Rose Nolen columns

COLUMN: Editor, publisher Lucile Bluford promoted justice, equality

As March is National Women's History Month, it's fitting to take time to honor Lucile Bluford, a woman who struggled for equality and social justice for not only herself, but also for others, throughout her long life.

COLUMN: When politics gets you down, remember the good things in life

Turn away from the TV and embrace what good is around you instead of hearing about our crumbling world.

COLUMN: Current school system needs reform

Recent events, such as Central Falls, R.I., high school firing all of its teachers and Kansas City contemplating closing down half of its schools, have highlighted some of the failings of the current public school system. The problems in schools may not just stem from sub-par teachers, but may also be the result irresponsible parenting.

COLUMN: What will be done about health care?

Since there has been nothing done to fix the health care crisis in America, does that mean it's not a big issue anymore? Only taking action now can prevent the ills of a society without health care.

COLUMN: The scared straight strategy

In today's fast-paced and tech-crazy society, many people have reached high stress levels brought on by several aspects of modern living. This stress has led many people to lose the individualist attitude held by those who founded America and become more vulnerable to 'scared out of their wits' political tactics.

COLUMN: What makes Missouri drug users want to escape from reality?

With households less reliant on the nuclear family it seems that America's youth is turning to drugs. But the family structure shouldn't shoulder all the blame.

COLUMN: Like the playground, Congress filled with fighting children

Childhood fights we encounter on the playground are much like the games Congress plays.

COLUMN: Why we still need Black History Month

Each year it seems that people question whether Black History Month needs to be taught in schools. Now more than ever, the answer is yes.

COLUMN: Getting too chummy with children does them a disservice

Too many well-intentioned parents aren't giving young people what they need today more than ever — a strong foundation.

COLUMN: Television sets bad examples for Americans

As people attempt to publicize their privates lives, don't expect the government to clean up reality television or any other sort of media. It's up to parents and individuals to be positive role models for children.

COLUMN: Community builders unite us better than online social networks

Fans of high-tech communities like Facebook and Twitter should not fall in the trap of neglecting their real-life neighbors and coworkers.

COLUMN: If the country is a mess, it's our fault

In this new decade, let's try to remember that "we the people" are ultimately responsible for our problems and finding solutions to them.

COLUMN: Farewell to 2009, hello to opportunities to do better

In the coming year, we should all try harder to make our country a better place to live.

COLUMN: Politicians blind to changing population

Global warming, Nobel Peace Prizes, Tiger Woods are topics I'll leave to others, but I do worry about politicians who ignore the changing beliefs of the public.

COLUMN: Parents in tough spot protecting kids from sexual messages

According to the Associated Press-MTV poll, one-third of those polled admitted to sexting, sending sexually explicit photos, videos and chat. Kids don’t realize the harm they can do to themselves by sending these sexually explicit photos to people they believe they can trust.

COLUMN: Better television programming a start to curing society's ills

I’m convinced that as many hours as people spend in front of the set, we would be a less violent society if we had more sensible television fare.

Who is in charge? Therein lies the problem

Freedom of choice to do anything we may want to do without the disadvantage of having a lot of rules and regulation may be fun, but obviously it’s not the ideal system for making living together in peace easy.

Thanksgiving traditions unable to stand test of time, technology

Distance between family members makes the holidays less family-oriented.

There is no justification for murder

Despite what a person has done in the past, acts of violence and murder are not the solution.

Recession's squeeze teaches hard lessons about importance of workers' rights

When a recession hits this hard, all we can do is try to learn from the experience. This time around, America is being taught some hard lessons about workers' rights. Workers must be paid a fair wage, be allowed to bargain collectively, be protected by government regulation and be treated with dignity.