Ryan Ferguson

Top trial attorney Kathleen Zellner getting results for Ferguson

Ryan Ferguson's father contacted attorney Kathleen Zellner, who will have a movie made about her, to be his son's lawyer in November 2009. Now, the key witness against Ferguson has recanted his testimony.

UPDATE: Ferguson denied new trial

Public defender Valerie Leftwich said she wasn't sure what approach she would take to appealing Monday's ruling, which denied Ryan Ferguson a new trial.

Ryan Ferguson denied new trial

Ferguson was previously convicted in the murder of Columbia Tribune sports editor Kent Heitholt.

Bill Ferguson's pursuit of son's acquittal is worthy of praise

For five years, Bill Ferguson has been fighting for his son's freedom. Ryan Ferguson was convicted in 2005 in the murder of Kent Heitholt, the sports editor at the Columbia Daily Tribune.

Missouri Supreme Court declines to hear Ferguson appeal

The Missouri Supreme Court decided not to hear an appeal by Ryan Ferguson that said allowing potential jurors to opt out of jury duty by performing six hours of community service prevented him from having a jury composed of a random cross-section of the population.

Ferguson attorney files jury-selection appeal with Supreme Court

The Missouri Supreme Court has not decided whether to hear an appeal filed by Ryan Ferguson's attorney in connection witih the killing of Columbia Daily Tribune sports editor Kent Heitholt. The appeal says Ferguson did not get a representative jury for his 2005 murder trial.

Court declines to hear Ferguson’s appeal

Missouri Western District Court of Appeals declines to hear one of Ryan Ferguson's appeals of his 2005 second-degree murder and first-degree robbery convictions.

Ferguson files another appeal of murder conviction

Ryan Ferguson, who was convicted of murder in the death of Columbia Daily Tribune sports editor Kent Heitholt in 2001, has filed a new appeal in the Western District Court of Appeals. Ferguson's counsel says the jury was chosen unfairly because of an opt-out clause that allowed potential jury members the chance to do community service instead of going to court for the jury selection process.

Ferguson's appeal rejected

A Cole County judge rejected the argument that his Lincoln Count jury was chosen improperly. Ryan Ferguson was convicted in 2oo5 of killing of Columbia sports editor Kent Heitholt.

Ferguson's appeal questions Lincoln County jury selection procedures

Both Ryan Ferguson’s attorney and an assistant attorney general trod through uncharted legal territory Monday during a hearing in an appeal of Ferguson’s 2005 murder conviction.

Ferguson's appeal of jury issue progressing

One of Ryan Ferguson's appeals of his 2005 murder and robbery convictions is moving forward in Cole County. The appeal is based on the jury selection process used for his trial.

Ferguson's attorney calls jury selection improper

Ryan Ferguson’s attorney argued in court Tuesday that jury selection in Ferguson’s 2005 murder trial was improper and violated  the defendant’s constitutional rights.

State wraps up Ferguson hearing by calling original prosecutor

An expert in police interrogation testified for Ferguson in the morning. He said he doubted the validity of Charles “Chuck” Erickson’s confession, which first implicated Ferguson in the murder of Kent Heitholt.

False confession expert testifies in Ryan Ferguson hearing

Richard Leo, a law professor, testified that he believes Columbia police told Ferguson details of the murder that he should have already known.

Ferguson’s original attorneys say they did not receive information from prosecutor

The hearing to determine whether he will get a retrial will wrap up Friday.

Ryan Ferguson’s hearing expected to last two more days

A witness said Ferguson was not the man she saw the night of Tribune sports editor Kent Heitholt’s murder.