Show Me the Records

SHOW ME THE RECORDS: Track activity of Missouri charities, donations online

The Missouri Attorney General's Office has a website that details charity expenses, total revenue and contact information.

SHOW ME THE RECORDS: Columbia's chicken ordinance information available

Residents considering owning chickens within city limits must follow specific instructions in the ordinance.

SHOW ME THE RECORDS: Examine Columbia's building code online

Columbia's Code of Ordinances specifies insulation, roof load, swimming pool and other requirements needed to keep buildings up to code.

SHOW ME THE RECORDS: Missouri public school districts' information available

The Missouri Department of Education lists every public school district in the state. Each district has information about its number of schools, number of employees and contact information.


SHOW ME THE RECORDS: Columbia's new pickleball courts plan available online

City Council approved four new pickleball courts at Albert-Oakland Park. The plans for the courts are available on the Columbia Parks and Recreation Department website.

SHOW ME THE RECORDS: Columbia Police Department publishes crime statistics

Crime reports can be sorted by month to show which crimes are occurring in different areas of Columbia.

SHOW ME THE RECORDS: Columbia Fire Department's fire safety measures accessible

The Fire Department's website has suggested ways for residents to prevent or cope with fire and extreme weather.

SHOW ME THE RECORDS: 2014 Renewable Energy Report

Columbia Water and Light released the report in March. It outlines Columbia Water and Light's energy purchases.

SHOW ME THE RECORDS: Snowplow priority routes available on Public Works website

A map showing first priority, second priority and state-maintained routes can be accessed through the Columbia Public Works Department's website.

SHOW ME THE RECORDS: Missouri athletics facility project information available

Summaries of project costs, locations, facility amenities and naming opportunities for the MU athletics facilities are available online.

SHOW ME THE RECORDS: Annual small game harvest records available

The Department of Conservation releases statewide summaries regarding the yearly small game harvest to help estimate population totals and set hunting regulations.

SHOW ME THE RECORDS: MSHSAA baseball and softball regulations available

Regulations outlining high school baseball and softball rules are available for those who wish to understand player limits and violations in the state.

SHOW ME THE RECORDS: Bird population records available

The Audubon Society of Missouri collects annual and seasonal information about bird sightings and populations.

SHOW ME THE RECORDS: Deer hunting data show chances of getting a permit

Data from the Department of Conservation give hunters an idea of where they have the highest chance of getting deer hunting permits granted.

SHOW ME THE RECORDS: Anglers can use state fishing records as benchmarks

Anglers can use data on the record sizes of fish caught as a benchmark and to set goals for future fishing trips.

SHOW ME THE RECORDS: Report to Missouri legislature on insurance coverage for autism available

In the third annual report to the Missouri Legislature, the Department of Insurance, Financial Institutions and Professional Registration outlines the progress in insurance coverage for autism treatment.

SHOW ME THE RECORDS: Columbia baseball, softball facility rental rates available

The City of Columbia publishes rental rates of its baseball and softball facilities, including information about their location.

SHOW ME THE RECORDS: List of Missouri-grown food, products

AgriMissouri, an outreach program of the Department of Agriculture, provides a list of Missouri-grown agricultural products and resources throughout the state so Missouri residents can shop locally.

SHOW ME THE RECORDS: Sanborn Field weather data

Get real-time weather data and view past weather records for Columbia.

SHOW ME THE RECORDS: Columbia Park and Facility Inventory available online

Columbia Parks and Recreation keeps a record of the number of different parks, trails, outdoor park amenities, indoor recreation facilities and other park indoor buildings in Columbia.