Show Me the Records

SHOW ME THE RECORDS: Real estate trends in Boone County

The Columbia Board of Realtors provides monthly statistics for single-family home sales.

SHOW ME THE RECORDS: Interactive map shows cases of heart disease and strokes in Missouri

The interactive map allows users to look at a variety of data related to heart disease, including mortality rates and hospitalizations.

SHOW ME THE RECORDS: Boating, drowning incident reports

The Missouri State Highway Patrol provides a 29-day log of all reported boating and drowning incidents in Missouri. It is to provide information on what incidents happened at the body of water you want to visit.

SHOW ME THE RECORDS: Statistical analysis of crime in the state

Data from around the state is submitted to the Missouri State Highway Patrol every month to document crime rates. 

SHOW ME THE RECORDS: Boone County Sheriff Department's corrections statistics

The corrections report includes statistics on inmate demographics and officer activity.

SHOW ME THE RECORDS: Parks and Recreation reports progress

The Parks and Recreation Department releases a summary of progress made on capital improvement projects four times a year.

SHOW ME THE RECORDS: HIV/AIDS disease surveillance

The Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services compiles statistics on the number of cases of sexually transmitted diseases throughout the state.

SHOW ME THE RECORDS: Court and parking statistics

The city of Columbia provides statistics on the number of traffic and parking violations issued each year.

SHOW ME THE RECORDS: District report cards compare data between Columbia Public Schools, state

You can use the report cards to access district data and how it compares with statewide numbers.

SHOW ME THE RECORDS: County website details election results

The Boone County clerk's website provides information about upcoming elections, as well as results from previous elections.

SHOW ME THE RECORDS: Regional market reports

This week, the Missourian highlights the Department of Agriculture's weekly market summary of grain and cattle trends in each region of the state. 

SHOW ME THE RECORDS: Look up registered sex offenders in Boone County

You can see whether there is a sex offender living near you or near a place you frequently spend time.

SHOW ME THE RECORDS: Boone County Sheriff’s Department Operations Statistical Report

The report breaks down Boone County Sheriff’s operations by month and activity.

SHOW ME THE RECORDS: Columbia/Boone County live and work profile

The Regional Economic Development Inc. provides a profile of the characteristics of Columbia's residents and workers.

SHOW ME THE RECORDS: The Boone County Sheriff's Department's 07:00 Report

The report lists the names and addresses of people arrested in the past 24 hours.

SHOW ME THE RECORDS: MU Police Department blotter, daily activity log

The MU Police Department's blotter is an excellent way to obtain information and stay up-to-date with recent campus police activity.

SHOW ME THE RECORDS: Missouri court records available online

Free and simple background checks are available through Missouri's court records.

SHOW ME THE RECORDS: MU demographics and financial comparison

A portrait of the university found on MU's Institutional Research Department website breaks down university demographics and financial information.

SHOW ME THE RECORDS: District website gives access to testing calendar, assessment plan

Columbia Public Schools standardized testing schedule shows each test that students K-12 take during a given year, when the tests are, what grades they apply to and what subjects they are for.

SHOW ME THE RECORDS: Columbia Public Schools bond tracker shows district's capital projects

Columbia Public Schools shows a list of its capital projects funded by bond issues that have been passed since April 2010.