Show Me the Records

SHOW ME THE RECORDS: Columbia/Boone County live and work profile

The Regional Economic Development Inc. provides a profile of the characteristics of Columbia's residents and workers.

SHOW ME THE RECORDS: The Boone County Sheriff's Department's 07:00 Report

The report lists the names and addresses of people arrested in the past 24 hours.

SHOW ME THE RECORDS: MU Police Department blotter, daily activity log

The MU Police Department's blotter is an excellent way to obtain information and stay up-to-date with recent campus police activity.

SHOW ME THE RECORDS: Missouri court records available online

Free and simple background checks are available through Missouri's court records.

SHOW ME THE RECORDS: MU demographics and financial comparison

A portrait of the university found on MU's Institutional Research Department website breaks down university demographics and financial information.

SHOW ME THE RECORDS: District website gives access to testing calendar, assessment plan

Columbia Public Schools standardized testing schedule shows each test that students K-12 take during a given year, when the tests are, what grades they apply to and what subjects they are for.

SHOW ME THE RECORDS: Columbia Public Schools bond tracker shows district's capital projects

Columbia Public Schools shows a list of its capital projects funded by bond issues that have been passed since April 2010.

SHOW ME THE RECORDS: Public crime map

BAIR Analytics allows users to view crime reports in certain areas of Columbia.

SHOW ME THE RECORDS: Traffic counts for Columbia reveal useful information

Traffic counts for roads managed by the City of Columbia are useful in identifying the quietest neighborhoods for purchasing a home and good locations for starting a business.

SHOW ME THE RECORDS: Common Core State Standards detail new district academic expectations

Records from the Common Core Standards Initiative shows the new focus of Columbia Public Schools' curriculum and soon-to-be-developed state accountability tests.


SHOW ME THE RECORDS: Missouri business license revocations

The records show information on Missouri businesses that have had their sales tax licenses revoked.

SHOW ME THE RECORDS: Foster care licensing rules

If you are interested in being a foster parent or are wondering about the safety of a child in his or her current foster home designated by the state, you can see the requirements here.

SHOW ME THE RECORDS: NCAA major infraction cases

The NCAA's Legislative Services Database has searchable records of major infraction cases.

SHOW ME THE RECORDS: MU student and faculty diversity data

Data tables on ethnic and gender diversity of MU students and faculty are available for free from the university's Institutional Research department.

SHOW ME THE RECORDS: UM System student financial aid data

The University of Missouri System's Institutional Research and Planning department offers data about how much and what kind of financial aid UM students are receiving.

SHOW ME THE RECORDS: Gender equity in athletics

The U.S. Department of Education provides data on gender equity in athletics for coeducational postsecondary institutions, including information on participation, revenue and expenses.

Show me the records: Columbia Public Schools dropout rates

These records show the percentage and total number of students who have dropped out of Columbia Public Schools, organized by years.

Show me the records: School finance reports

The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education offers a free report on school finance reports.

SHOW ME THE RECORDS: Information about Columbia School Board meetings available

The Columbia Public Schools website posts materials related to Columbia School Board meetings, including meeting agendas, minutes and highlights.

SHOW ME THE RECORDS: School districts annual performance report

The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education offers a free annual report on all of the school districts in Missouri.