Show Me the Records

SHOW ME THE RECORDS: FBI statistics compare law enforcement officers to population

The FBI's records of the number of police officers, civilian employees and the total number of law enforcement employees  in Missouri cities is compared to the populations of those cities.


SHOW ME THE RECORDS: Academic Progress Rate

Academic Progress Rate is an NCAA tool that measures the success of a program moving its athletes toward graduation. It takes into account academic eligibility and retention — whether the athletes stay in schoo

SHOW ME THE RECORDS: Missouri politicians’ top campaign contributors is a watchdog website that helps to keep politicians in check, and that includes your local representative in Congress or Missouri’s two senators, Roy Blunt and Claire McCaskill.

SHOW ME THE RECORDS: Economic indicators for Columbia, Boone County and Missouri

Economic indicators for Columbia, Boone County and Missouri, including unemployment rates, weekly and yearly wage rates, cost of living and population comparisons.


SHOW ME THE RECORDS: The American Society of Health-System Pharmacists tracks drug shortages

With the U.S. in the midst of the worse drug shortage in years, the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists is keeping track of all the drugs that are in short supply.

SHOW ME THE RECORDS: Hospital Compare data takes an inside look at hospitals

Find quality health care in your area by comparing hospitals based on treatment procedures and results, along with patient satisfaction.

SHOW ME THE RECORDS: Food and drug recalls

The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services keeps an up-to-date list of the food and drug recalls.

SHOW ME THE RECORDS: Columbia crime tracker

Regional Analysis & Information Data Sharing lets viewers track crime in their areas. 

SHOW ME THE RECORDS: Drug company payments to doctors

ProPublica, a nonprofit investigative journalism organization, tracks, by state, the payments that 12 drug companies give to doctors and other health professionals for promoting their drugs.

SHOW ME THE RECORDS: State tax credit data

State tax credit data lets you can find out which businesses are receiving tax credits from the state.

SHOW ME THE RECORDS: Missouri holiday crash reports

Holiday crash reports tell how dangerous it is to be on the road during holidays.

SHOW ME THE RECORDS: Missouri charity records

The Attorney General's website lets you check on Missouri charities to see how much of your contribution goes to charitable purposes and how much goes toward administrative and fundraising costs. 

SHOW ME THE RECORDS: Columbia building permits

Before a new shopping center is built or before your neighbors put an addition on to their house, they have to file for a Columbia building permit.

SHOW ME THE RECORDS: State spending database

The Missouri Accountability Portal database shows how state money is being spent.

SHOW ME THE RECORDS: UM System Board of Curators meeting minutes

In addition to meeting minutes, you can also access live audio streams of the meetings as they happen.

SHOW ME THE RECORDS: U.S. killer tornado statistics

Statistics provided by the National Weather Service's Storm Prediction Center track the location and death count of all fatal tornadoes in the U.S. since 2000.

SHOW ME THE RECORDS: Financial records for "Three Cups of Tea" author's group

Author and philanthropist Greg Mortenson was said to use a disproportionate amount of funds to market his book. You can see the financial statements for the related organization he co-founded, Central Asia Institute.

SHOW ME THE RECORDS: MU grade distribution available online

Want to know how a professor might grade you in class? Search the archive of grades assigned to classes taught at MU. You can find the distribution of grades for every semester.

SHOW ME THE RECORDS: FlightAware tracks airplane flight information

Track the arrival and departure times of selected airplanes in and out of selected airports for free. 

SHOW ME THE RECORDS: Boone County Traffic Count Data

You can find the average daily traffic count for a selection of Boone County roads.