Synthetic marijuana

Missouri House OKs bill targeting synthetic drugs

The legislation would add several specific substances to what the state considers to be synthetic cannabinoids. It was endorsed by voice-vote and needs a second round of approval before moving to the state Senate.

Missouri lawmakers propose outlawing more synthetic drugs

Legislation under consideration would add more synthetic drugs to the list of outlawed substances in Missouri.

Nixon signs bill banning 'synthetic marijuana'

Gov. Jay Nixon signed a bill Tuesday criminalizing K2, a synthetic compound that mimics a marijuana-like high when smoked or inhaled. The law goes into effect Aug. 28.

Missouri lawmakers approve bill banning K2

The Missouri bill to ban synthetic marijuana was approved by state lawmakers. The legislation's last step is getting Gov. Jay Nixon's signature. It was sent to him Thursday.

DEAR READER: Is K2 in the same league as meth? Nope.

The effects from meth are worse than those from K2.

TODAY'S QUESTION: How should possession of K2 be punished?

Senators didn't disagree about the ban of K2, but rather the charges that offenders would receive.


Missouri Senate passes K2 ban treating substance same as marijuana

The Senate made possession of 35 grams and more of K2 a felony. The revised bill now needs House approval.

Missouri business owners testify against fake pot ban

Missouri small business owners asked lawmakers Tuesday not to ban K2, which is called fake pot or synthetic marijuana, as a bill being heard in the House would.

Washington, Foristell ban so-called synthetic marijuana

St. Charles city and county have also banned the product marketed under names such as "K2," ''Spice" and "Summit."

Missouri House passes ban on K2, sends bill to Senate

The bill would outlaw a marijuana-like compound. Lawmakers and police say they've seen an increase in the compound.

House votes against legalizing medical marijuana

While discussing  a bill to ban synthetic marijuana known as K2, the House denied the proposition to legalize medical marijuana. 

COLUMN: Time to rethink stance on marijuana, K2

Labeling K2 as a Schedule I drug without significant research about what it is or what it does is wrong.

K2 legislation: What others are saying

Here's what others are saying about K2 in Missouri and other states.

Bill would make K2 possession a felony

Although the exact effects of K2 are unknown, a bill in the Missouri General Assembly would make any possession of the substance a Class C felony.

UPDATE: Toxicologists studying effects of synthetic pot

Missouri has a high number cases involving negative effects of the drug.

Toxicologist warns of dangerous symptoms from K2

A Saint Louis University professor said that symptoms suggest K2 affects users' cardiovascular systems.

Fake marijuana banned by central Missouri county

Pettis County has banned a substance that is combined with a mix of dried flowers, herbs and tobacco to mimic the effects of marijuana.

Bill that would ban fake pot is stalled

The process to make K2 illegal has been slowed because of mistakes in the classification of other drugs included in the bill.

Pettis County attempts to ban synthetic marijuana possession

Public officials want to outlaw the production and sale of K2, a substance that mimics the effects of marijuana.  

DEAR READER: Journalists have more work to do on 'fake pot' story

A lot of claims have been made so far about K2, but few have been substantiated.