Synthetic marijuana

TODAY'S QUESTION: Should the state ban K2 or wait until more information about its effects becomes available?

Sen. Kurt Schaefer's concern about the effects of K2, the synthetic drug similar to marijuana, prompted him to introduce a bill making the substance illegal. However, others are not certain that the substance's effects are harmful.

Kansas lab looked at synthetic marijuana's effect on brain

Hospitalizations caused from smoking K2, a laboratory-produced drug with similar effects to marijuana, have become more prevalent since December 2009 with users experiencing increased heart rates, loss of consciousness, paranoia and psychotic episodes.

COLUMN: Nothing fake about the high from 'fake pot'

Lawmakers are looking to ban synthetic marijuana, a substance that mimics the effects and is currently legal.

Senate takes up bill that would ban K2

Sen. Kurt Schaefer, R-Columbia, said mid-Missouri emergency rooms have treated adolescents complaining of negative effects.

Missouri lawmakers consider ban on synthetic pot

Missouri lawmakers consider a ban on a synthetic drug that mimics the effects of marijuana. The drug is widely available and legal, but there has not been a study on its effect on humans.