Police see vote of confidence in Taser ban results

With the defeat of Proposition 2, Columbia police will continue to use Tasers. Meanwhile, People for a Taser-Free Columbia plan their next course of action.

Groups debate potential dangers of Tasers

Police officers and experts from across America bring up the pros and cons of Taser usage.

LETTER: Second Amendment does not protect Taser use

Tasers are not mentioned as arms by the Supreme Court. The use of Tasers can be restricted under Missouri law, as they are classified as dangerous instruments.

LETTER: Taser ban important for keeping Columbia safe

Because of the unreliability of Tasers and the safety concerns they raise, these weapons are better left out of officers' tool belts.

Citizens opposing and supporting Prop 2 make final push

With less than a week before the general election, law enforcement agencies and a group opposing Taser use are ramping up their arguments for and against.

LETTER: Now is the time to outlaw Tasers

Two lawsuits have already been filed against the city for misuse of Tasers and others will follow.

DAVID ROSMAN: Second Amendment calls into question Columbia's Prop 2

Arguments over Tasers electrify as some consider the constitutionality of Proposition 2.


Proposition 2 would outlaw Taser use in Columbia

Columbia voters will decide Nov. 2 whether to allow law enforcement officers as well as individuals to use Tasers in Columbia.

LETTER: Vote Yes on Proposition 2

Yes on Proposition 2 allows you to own and carry a Taser, but not to threaten or shoot it at someone.


LETTER: Tasers could deter people from committing crimes

Criminals are made up of all types of people, and Tasers will not cause riots.


LETTER: Taser ban will make community safer

Tasers have already claimed more than 500 lives on our continent, including that of a young man in Moberly. These stun guns should have no place in a community grounded in being civil with one another.

Keep Columbia Safe urging 'no' on Proposition 2

Keep Columbia Safe will sponsor an event called the Taser Education Forum on Oct. 27.

LETTER: Would Scalia exclude Tasers from constitutional protection?

Since devices such as Tasers didn't exist when the Second Amendment was ratified, the originalist view seems to exclude them from the definition of "arms" that Americans may keep and bear.

Personal Tasers ban might become Second Amendment issue

Personal Tasers are defined as "arms" by the Supreme Court. If Proposition 2 passes, the ordinance could conflict with the Second Amendment.

Sheriff Dwayne Carey wants officers to retain Tasers

Carey was a featured speaker at the Boone County Pachyderm Club's Tuesday meeting.  There, he urged voters to reject a proposition on the November ballot that would ban Tasers in Columbia.

LETTER: Nine tips to prevent being shocked by a Taser

If you obey the officer, the risk of being shot with a Taser goes down considerably.

LETTER: Proposed Taser ban a bad idea for personal freedom

Banning the use of CEDs would limit the methods of self-defense available to Columbia residents.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Why you should vote to ban Tasers

Tasers are simply too dangerous to be used as an effective law enforcement tool.

TODAY’S QUESTION: Will you vote to ban the use of Tasers in Columbia?

Columbia will decide on Nov. 2 whether or not the use of Tasers should be banned within the city limits.

Columbia Taser opponents rally before hearing on proposed ban

The Columbia City Council tonight will decide whether to ban Tasers or to allow voters to decide the question in the November general election.


Tasers in Columbia: The debate continues [Graphic]