Tornado levels Joplin

Joplin school district begins recovery process

The Joplin school district has located all staff and most of its students. Repairs began today on one middle school, with more to follow.

Tornado-ravaged towns offer Joplin rebuilding models

Cities such as Stockton and Pierce City show there's hope after tragedy, especially with hard work and federal aid.

Replacement for destroyed Joplin hospital to open by Sunday

Joplin hospital owners said a temporary replacement for St. John's Regional Medical Center, which was destroyed by the tornado that tore through the city, will be set up by Sunday.

Duquesne also hit by Joplin storm

More than $1 million raised locally through social media-based effort

The fund drive began with a Facebook group called “Joplin, MO Tornado Recovery," which Brent Beshore, owner of Museao, created Sunday night.

Dispatch from Joplin: Pitching in

The resilience of the tornado survivors is encouraging and inspiring. Even in times of great loss, much can be gained from witnessing such horrific events.

UPDATE: Tornado shows problem with Missouri Rainy Day Fund

Gov. Nixon does not plan to use Missouri's Rainy Day fund to finance Joplin tornado aid.

Tornado highlights state's Rainy Day Fund issues

Half of Missouri's $500 million reserve fund can be used for emergencies, but the state has been reluctant to use it because of budget difficulties. Money used has to be repaid within three years, and some government leaders think the time allotment should be extended.

State parks waive fees for weather victims

Families displaced by recent storms can camp for for free in some Missouri state parks. Fee waivers are good for 30 days, though they might be extended later. Families need to provide their own camping gear.

Body found of toddler missing in Joplin tornado

Carol Jo Tate said Wednesday that the body of her son, 16-month-old Skyular Logsdon, was identified at the morgue handling tornado victims.


A tour through the broken heart of Joplin

Joplin residents reflect on the damages caused by Sunday's tornado, which destroyed some areas of the town and left others virtually untouched.

Missouri Task Force 1 members, others share severe storm experiences

Members of Missouri Task Force 1 and others reflect on their recent experiences with severe weather in Missouri.

Sedalia tornado leaves homes destroyed, 15 to 25 injured

The storm was one of multiple incidents of extreme weather in the Midwest on Wednesday.

Dispatch from Joplin: Finding the silver lining

Despite a newfound awareness of nature's volatility, Joplin residents are uncovering reasons to smile.

Storms confront Task Force 1 as it returns home

Members of Missouri Task Force 1, after three days in Joplin, were forced to seek shelter as soon as they returned to the Boone County Fire District's headquarters in Columbia.


Columbia Public Schools holds supply drive for Joplin

The school district is collecting supplies and donations through Thursday morning. The donations will be picked up Thursday afternoon.

Columbia's Task Force 1 searches for survivors, bodies in Joplin

FEMA Missouri Task Force 1 helps recover bodies in Joplin with the help of search and rescue dogs.

Kansas City Chiefs fill six semitrailers with relief supplies for Joplin

The Chiefs joined citizens of Kansas City to donate money and resources to those displaced during the weekend's storms in Joplin and Reading, Kan.

Joplin schools superintendent confident in quick recovery

Despite losing four schools in Sunday's tornado, Joplin's superintendent says his district will be ready to go for next school year.

Task Force 1 to return from Joplin

The team was responsible for rescuing 13 victims, Battalion Chief Gale Blomenkamp said.