Tornado levels Joplin

Missouri National Guard responds to damage in Joplin

Sgt. 1st Class Steve White, who grew up 25 miles outside of Joplin, shares his impressions on the ground following the tornado.

UPDATE: Survivors of Joplin disaster recall narrow escapes

The manager of a hospital service, a high school principal, families and customers at an IHOP restaurant, including two state legislators, recall where they were when the tornado hit Joplin.

UPDATE: Feds offering home aid following southwest Missouri tornado

Those with homes damaged in Sunday's tornado can receive federal aid for uninsured expenses, including temporary housing.

UPDATE: Missouri officials say tornado killed at least 89

Houses, churches, schools, businesses and homes were flattened after a tornado hit the city of Joplin on Sunday evening. Officials said at least 89 people were killed and an unknown number of people were injured during the storm.

Joplin residents share stories of devastation

Two Joplin natives tell stories of grief and relief after Sunday evening's tornado. 

Organizations around Missouri provide relief to Joplin tornado victims

MU Health Care and the American Red Cross Mid-Missouri Chapter have been working to provide relief for the residents of Joplin.

Dispatch from Joplin: Counting themselves grateful

Hertzberg family members count their blessings after boarding up the windows of their damaged Joplin home.

Inside Missouri hospital: a mix of chaos and bravery

Staff at St. John's Regional Medical Center helped patients evacuate after a tornado destroyed much of the building. Patients were then sent to other hospitals for treatment.

VIDEO: See the devastation that hit Joplin

Traditional media and citizen journalists have been uploading videos of the devastation in Joplin to YouTube. Here are a couple of those videos.

Strong storms hit Arkansas; governor offers aid to Missouri

Arkansas offers assistance to Joplin as severe storms tear through state.

Dispatch from Joplin: An unwelcome homecoming

After the tornado leveled her hometown, MU student and Missourian reporter Eliza Smith packed up her car and headed home.

Joplin native describes living through tornado

MU senior Katy Berryman tells her account of the being in Joplin when the tornado hit Sunday evening.

Attorney general sends examiners to Joplin to check price-gouging

The examiners are there to make sure prices are not being artificially raised for such necessities as food, water and diapers.

MORE COVERAGE: More resources for coverage of the Joplin tornado

Here is a roundup of links providing information about the tornado that hit Joplin.

At least 89 dead in Joplin tornado, officials say

UPDATE: Tornado kills unknown number in Joplin

Tornado warnings has been issued from Texas to Michigan Sunday night, as the unknown death toll continues to rise.

Tornado hits hospital in Joplin

Gov. Nixon activates Guard to help Joplin