Tornado levels Joplin

WHAT OTHERS SAY: Public outrage secured insurance coverage for Joplin tornado survivor

Mark Lindquist put his life at risk to protect three residents at the group home he worked at the night of the Joplin tornado, May 22. The residents died and Lindquist was in a coma for seven weeks. His employer's insurance denied him workers' compensation at first, but now his medical expenses will be paid in full.

Joplin tornado damage causes lead contamination worries

The May 22 tornado in Joplin has caused the recurrence of a lead contamination problem that has plagued the city for years. City and county officials have asked the federal government for assistance in the cleanup effort.

Barry Manilow delivers musical instruments to Joplin

More than $300,000 worth of musical instruments were donated to Joplin students as part of the Manilow Music Project.

MU students participate in 'Extreme Makeover: Home Edition' in Joplin

The student volunteers were part of a seven-day effort to build new homes for families hit hard by the May 22 tornado.

Insurance company reconsiders, decides to pay Joplin tornado survivor's claim

Mark Lindquist, who was in a coma for almost two months after trying to save several men during the May 22 Joplin tornado, originally found his workers' compensation claim denied. However, Accident Fund Insurance Company of America announced Monday that it would pay after all.

Around-the-clock work begins on Joplin's seven 'Extreme Makeover' homes

Ten thousand volunteers have signed up to help build seven homes in seven days. The families will see their new homes on Oct. 26.

Court order resolves suit about Joplin tornado aid

The $9,000 will be passed along to the Catholic Charities of Southern Missouri and St. Paul's Lutheran Church.

'Extreme Makeover' home-building project begins in Joplin

Work on the homes began Wednesday, and the homes will be revealed on Oct. 26. All the materials for the new houses were donated.

Missouri man finds love again after deadly Joplin tornado

Mark Lindquist, 51, broke every rib in his body during the Joplin tornado. After losing his shoulder, spending seven weeks in a coma and contracting a rare fungal infection, Lindquist has been on the road to recovery.

Former Missouri wrestler Ben Askren does what he can for Joplin

Following the tornado that decimated Joplin in May, mixed martial artist and former Missouri Tiger Ben Askren pushed to have residents of the town receive 300 free tickets to an Mixed Martial Arts event on Oct. 8.

Thieves hit Joplin disaster recovery center

An incorrect flier is being passed out that says the Joplin Family Worship Center's Disaster Resource Center is closing. This flier might be the cause of a theft at the center.

Vehicle donated to Joplin High School stolen

A 2009 John Deere Gator TX was stolen from Joplin High School. The Gator was a gift from the Joplin Band Tornado Relief Fund.

Joplin's "Extreme Makeover" involves 7 homes in 7 days

Gov. Nixon visiting Joplin to talk trees

He will talk with Joplin officials Wednesday about replacing the thousands of trees that were destroyed by the tornado that struck the city on May 22.

Destroyed Joplin hospital, workers find a way back

After the Joplin tornado destroyed St. John's Regional Medical Center, doctors worked out of a tent all summer. A permanent hospital will open in 2014.

Joplin backs plan to rebuild five schools by 2014

The construction costs for the schools would likely top $100 million. Insurance would cover basic rebuilding but not any additional improvements.

National officials to visit Joplin's 'mall school'

Education Secretary Arne Duncan and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano will visit a high school in Joplin known as the "mall school," on Thursday.

UPDATE: Officials visit post-tornado Joplin 'mall school'

Joplin high school students have a new place to learn after converting an old store into a high school. Officials toured the building Thursday.

Many in Joplin ignored first tornado warnings, National Weather Service says

While officials believe residents didn't respond quickly enough to sirens and warning systems, Richard Wagenmaker, a National Weather Service meteorologist in Detroit, said it was unclear if the slow public response cost lives.

Report on Joplin tornado warning to be released

The report from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, which was set to be released Tuesday, will detail the efforts to warn people about the tornado that hit Joplin in May. The report is a way of seeing what aspects of the warning were done well and what still needs improvement.