Tracy Barnes columns

Woman-Centric home a house for the whole family

Don't let the name throw you. Yes, the Woman-Centric home's title may be cringe-inducingly outdated, but its innovative design makes it the house of the future for the family of today. 

'Summer Columbia' offers array of festivals, concerts

During the summer, Columbia might seem like a dull town to some, but the city in fact hosts a wealth of films, festivals and concerts.

iPhone mandate from MU School of Journalism laced with problems

Experience as an MU student shows that the School of Journalism's iPhone/iPod Touch requirement is probably unnecessary, which leads to more questions about the decision to make the devices mandatory.

Good things happening in Columbia

With a humane society makeover in the works, a record number of volunteers for a Cleanup Columbia event and a successful NFL draft for Mizzou, it's a good time to be living in Columbia.

Five pounds carries extra weight

Today's society is one where food is readily available and exercise is becoming increasingly difficult to fit into a daily schedule. This dilemma may cause some to feel guilty for gaining weight.

Michelle Obama deserves more than fashion coverage

First ladies are more than just fashion icons. The role of first lady has evolved, yet coverage is still focused on what they wear, not political beliefs.

The silver lining of unemployment

Unemployment can be depressing, but it's an opportune time to smell the roses and do something productive.

Drive-in church offers modern-day convenience to its congregation

The church offers families, the disabled and those who don't like to dress up in their Sunday best a way to attend church in a more accommodating manner than traditional churches.

Humane society still needs your help

Columbia's Humane Society finished in the top spot after phase one of's national search for a shelter to make over. The Humane Society still needs Columbia's help to win phase two of the contest.

More knowledge of Tasers would help Columbia

A bill proposed in the Missouri House would require Taser users to gain more knowledge about Tasers and would create a task force that regulates its usage.

COLUMN: Red states biggest consumers of Internet porn

A study by the Harvard Business School found eight out of 10 states that consume the most online porn were states McCain won in the 2008 presidential election. Turns out the conservative “red” states might now be labeled the “red light” states.

It's simple: Don't text and drive

We don't need more laws restricting what we do in the car, but we should use a little more common sense.

Privacy of assault victims should be equal to privacy of rape victims

With the recent news regarding Chris Brown's arrest for assault, various news outlets have reported that Brown's girlfriend, Rihanna, was the victim. This incident brings into question the policy of privacy for naming assault victims and whether or not it should be the same as the one for rape victims.

Uncertain future of journalism

The journalism industry is losing skilled reporters left and right because it can't afford to keep them, but the public can't afford to lose the benefits of journalism in the process.

Laptops should be allowed in Senate chambers

The laptop debate centers around whether senators would be paying attention to their laptops rather than the debate.

Limbaugh is hurting Republicans with criticism of Obama

With President Barack Obama's current popularity, Rush Limbaugh's controversial comments won't help the Republican Party's image.

How will Nixon pay for his grand ideas?

The governor laid out some important promises in his State of the State speech Tuesday night, including reiterating his call for no budget cuts to higher education and a pledge of balancing the budget with no new taxes.

Mayor, City Council need to rethink ethics of eminent domain

Using government power to seize the property occupied by two downtown businesses to build a new facility for the State Historical Society of Missouri is unethical.

Bulge blogging: Social networking keeps dieting honest

A typical New Year's resolution to be more healthy and lose weight is easier to achieve when friends support your efforts via Twitter, Facebook and other social networking outlets.

Smoking bans should be enforced

What is the point of an indoors smoking ban if nonsmokers have to walk through a cloud of it to enter a building?