True/False Film Fest 2014

Queen Pamela keeps order at the True/False Globe Theater

The Q Queens at the True/False Film Fest keep the peace and keep hopeful filmgoers entertained at each venue. Pam Jordan, the Q Queen at the Globe Theater, quickly took to her role during her first year volunteering for the festival.

Filmmakers honored at fete praise True/False community

Fans of documentary film got a chance to pick the brains of filmmakers and chat them up personally at the True/False Film Fest Filmmaker Fete on Saturday evening at PS Gallery.

True/False volunteers transform venues into theaters

True/False Film Fest volunteers worked to transform a church's gymnasium into the theater venue that festivalgoers have been watching films in this weekend. The Picturehouse is the biggest nontraditional theater venue the festival uses.

Colorful March March parade kicks off True/False Film Fest

March March, the kickoff parade for the True/False Film Fest, featured participants dressed in brightly colored costumes who danced down Ninth Street on Friday.

Masquerade gala sets the scene for True/False Film Fest

The True/False Film Fest opened Thursday night with costumes, food and drinks.

SOCIAL TRUE/FALSE: 15-second movie reviews and social scenes

Contribute your own one-word movie review during True/False.

True/False Film Fest 2014: Fact, fiction and everything in between

True/False Film Fest's founders, David Wilson and Paul Sturtz, explore the middle ground between nonfiction and fiction storytelling in this year's festival.

PHOTO GALLERY: Forrest Theater prepares for True/False fest

Forrest Theater is one of the eight venues at the True/False fest this year. True/False lighting director Mitch Sawicki helped prepare the theater in the ballroom of the Tiger Hotel on Monday.

Volunteers prepare True/False box office for its opening next week

Eight volunteers are designing and preparing the space, near Hitt Street and Broadway, for its official opening at 5 p.m. Wednesday.

Your True/False Film Fest Q-and-A guide

A user-friendly guide to the ins and outs of Columbia's renowned film festival.

Films announced for True/False Film Fest

Thirty-nine films were selected for the festival, which will take place from Feb. 27 to March 2. Four of those films were chosen for secret screenings.

Academy awards True/False Film Fest $75,000 grant

The film festival will receive $25,000 a year for the next three years from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to fund its Neither/Nor series.

True/False in Time's "50 Cultural Experiences to Try in 2014"

Columbia's True/False Film Fest was listed along with experiences such as diving the Great Barrier Reef, attending the Winter Olympics and visiting the Mangum Rattlesnake Derby.

Boone Dawdle raises money for True/False, builds community for cyclists

Cyclists and True/False Film Fest enthusiasts took part in the fourth annual Boone Dawdle on Saturday. An estimated 425 participants and 75 volunteers supported the event, which raised money for the film festival.