Urban chickens

Five years in, urban chicken interest endures but not for noisy roosters

Complaints filed with the city show that unwanted roosters have been the biggest single issue for neighbors.

Center for Urban Agriculture hosts chicken processing workshop

Columbia's urban farmers learned how to process their chickens during a free event Saturday.

Urban Agriculture Center teaches residents to build chicken coops

The City Council passed an ordinance February permitting Columbians to keep chickens in their backyards.

Acceptance of urban chickens is causing problems throughout Missouri

Jerry Seinfeld, an outlaw rooster in St. Louis' Soulard neighborhood, has been causing trouble for some city residents. Although some urban dwellers treat their chickens as pets, others release chicks when they become roosters.

Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture to host hen workshops

The Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture will hold two workshops discussing the city’s new ordinance allowing urban hens.

TODAY'S QUESTION: Do you plan on raising hens in city limits?

Columbia City Council approved a long debated urban hen ordinance. Will you raise chickens within city limits?

COLUMN: More bang for your cluck with new chicken ordinance

A hen's ability to be low maintenance and provide an abundance of food makes the Columbia City Council's new ordinance a success.

COLUMN: A few things to know about raising chickens

An agricultural journalism student investigates the cost and care it takes to raise chickens.

City Council passes ordinance allowing urban hens

City Council decided Monday night that Columbia residents will be allowed to keep six hens per residential lot.

Proposed ordinance would allow for backyard chickens

The City Council will vote Monday on whether to allow hens within city limits.

Mayor Hindman asks for urban chicken ordinance

On Monday, Mayor Darwin Hindman requested that an ordinance permitting Columbia residents to raise chickens within city limits be prepared for City Council consideration.

Advocates still working for chickens in city

Advocates for having chickens within city limits are planning to attend the Columbia City Council's dinner before its Monday meeting and are continuing to gather signatures for a petition supporting an ordinance.

Urban chicken ordinance draft dies during Board of Health discussions

The proposed ordinance would have recommended that residents be allowed to raise chickens but require them to confine the birds in coops or fenced-in areas and obtain consent from owners of adjoining property.

Today's Question: Should raising chickens in the city be allowed?

A group of Columbia residents are pushing the city to loosen its rules on raising chickens.

Residents push to own backyard chickens

Columbia is on the cusp of joining a national trend of allowing urban residents to raise chickens. The Board of Health is nearing a final draft of a new ordinance that would allow city dwellers to own a limited number of fowl.

Changes to Columbia backyard chicken ordinance proposed

The Columbia Board of Health met Thursday to explore whether Columbia's chicken-ownership ordinance should be revised to allow more freedom for residents to raise chickens. The current ordinance allows one chicken per half-acre.