Alpha Hart Lewis Elementary

Type Elementary School
Year Opened 2010
Principal Dan Boatman
Address 5801 Arbor Pointe Parkway
Phone Number 573-214-3200
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Alpha Hart Lewis Elementary School, the newest elementary school in Columbia Public Schools, opened in January 2010, replacing the outdated Field Elementary.

Year opened: 2010
Principal: Dan Boatman
Address: 5801 Arbor Pointe Parkway
Phone Number: 214-3200
Colors: Blue and green
Mascot: Huskies
Start time: 8:50 a.m.
Dismissal time: 3:45 p.m.

The school is the first new institution in the district in nine years. It is named for the first and only female superintendent of the former Boone County rural school system and a teacher.

The building is twice as large as the old school, with each grade level, preschool through fifth grade, having a wing to itself. The school has staff to accommodate for students with special needs.

The building, which cost about $16 million, boasts a large gymnasium and a media center, complete with computers and Smart Boards.

The school employs Positive Behavior Support techniques to help students behave in school. Older students may apply for the Library Helpers program.