Gentry Middle School

Type Middle School
Year Opened 1994
Principal Jeff Beiswinger
Address 4200 Bethel Street
Phone Number 573-214-3240
Website N/A
Student Capacity N/A
Students Enrolled N/A
Number of Teachers N/A
Number of Trailers N/A
Enrolled in Lunch Program N/A
White Population N/A
Black Population N/A
Hispanic Population N/A
Asian Population N/A
American Indian Population N/A
MAP Score Math N/A
MAP Score Communication Arts N/A

Ann Hawkins Gentry Middle School opened in 1994 and is named for the woman who was Columbia's postmistress from 1837 to 1865.

Year opened: 1994
Principal: Jeff Beiswinger
Address: 4200 Bethel St.
Phone number: 214-3240
Start time: 8 a.m.
Dismissal time: 3 p.m.
Colors: Rich red and royal blue
Mascot: Jaguar
Students enrolled: 776 for the 2011-12 school year.

Ann Hawkins Gentry Middle School, opened in 1994, is a sixth- through eighth-grade school in the southern part of Columbia. It is the third most populous middle school in the Columbia Public School system. The school is named after Ann Hawkins Gentry, a former postmistress of Columbia and the second woman in the United States to hold that position. The school colors are red and royal blue, and its mascot is the jaguar. According to its website, “the mission of Gentry Middle School is to inspire students to develop intellectually and socially in a community where everyone is respected, productive, and safe.”