Christian Fellowship School

Type All Grades
Year Opened 1981
Principal Scott Williams
Address 4600 Christian Fellowship Road
Phone Number 573-445-8565
Website Click Here

Christian Fellowship School is a private Christian school designed to support Christian families and their desire for their children to receive quality education with Christian faith and values, said Principal Scott Williams.

“One of our goals is to integrate biblical principle into curriculum within every class and to help students see that our goal in education is to live a life that honors God,” Williams said.

All of the teachers are Christians from an Evangelical background, but the school seeks to serve the broader Christian community. Some forty different congregations are represented in the student body, Williams said.

Elementary and junior-level teaching is largely Christian-based, but there is more mixture of Christian and secular texts within the high school.

Christian Fellowship serves 295 students from pre-kindergarten through 12th grade. Williams said interaction across ages and grades creates closeness among the student body.

“There’s an opportunity to develop deeper relationships because we’re small. No one can to decide to just not be friends with someone; you have to work it out in the end,” says Williams. Students share similar values in faith and character, he said.

Faith resounds within school activities as well. Spirit Emphasis Days, organized by the faculty at the beginning of the school year and the student council toward the end, engage students in a full day of programs to discuss religious topics with guest speakers and in small groups. Also, all seniors are required to do 10 hours of service work to meet graduation requirements. The Central Missouri Food Bank, refugee work and Granny’s House are common volunteer choices.

Christian Fellowship also has a sports program, including soccer, volleyball, basketball, soccer, golf, cheerleading and track.