Douglass High School

Type High School
Year Opened 1916
Principal Eryca Neville
Address 301 N. Providence Road
Phone Number 573-214-3680
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Douglass High School is an alternative high school for Columbia students who have trouble performing at in a traditional school setting.

Year opened: 1885
Principal: Eryca Neville
Address: 310 N. Providence Road
Phone number: 214-3680
Students enrolled: 218 for the 2011-12 school year.
Colors: Blue and white
Mascot: Bulldog

Frederick Douglass High School was created for black students in 1885. It is named for Frederick Douglass, the runaway slave who became an abolitionist and speaker. Today, it is an application school that is part of Columbia Public Schools. It is an alternative school for Columbia students who have trouble performing in traditional school setting. Adult classes are also offered through the school.

Before taking the name Douglass, the school also know as Cummings Academy and Excelsior School.