Lee Elementary School

Type Elementary School
Year Opened 1904
Principal Karen Burger
Address 1208 Locust
Phone Number 573-214-3530
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This Columbia elementary school emphasizes learning through the fine arts. It is the second-oldest school in Columbia.

Year opened: 1904, became an expressive arts in 1990.
Address: 1208 Locust St.
Principal: Karen Burger
Phone: 214-3530
Mascot: Explorers
Start time: 8:50 a.m.
Dismissal time: 3:45 p.m.

Opened in 1904 as Robert E. Lee Elementary, the school was renamed Lee Expressive Arts Elementary in 1990. The name was changed to emphasize the focus and the learning style employed by the school. The school has students from kindergarten to fifth grade.

Lee Expressive Arts Elementary School uses an interactive curriculum to encourage students to explore the arts. Students learn art, music, movement, drama, literature, and social and physical sciences through integrated classes that involve more than one subject. Students participate in hands-on projects and field trips to reinforce lessons they learn in the classroom.