Developer, city to discuss plan for Philips

Developer Elvin Sapp’s request that the city Planning and Zoning Commission table consideration of his plan for the Philips tract until Sept. 18 foreshadows several weeks of discussions among Sapp, his engineers and city staff.

Those discussions almost certainly will lead to changes in the Philips plan, but Sapp spokesman Mark Farnen made it clear the developer doesn’t plan to trade one aspect of the proposal for another.

Fire officials want new stations

Though it’s not near Christmas, the Columbia Fire Department’s wish list already includes plans to build three new fire stations, buy several new vehicles and hire more staff.

North-central and eastern Columbia

Heading back to School

Strolling through the Columbia Mall, shoppers are bombarded with signs advertising back-to-school bargains and trends. In almost every store window, there is something that retailers hope no student will be able to resist.

The back-to-school season, which lasts from late July to mid-September, is typically a highly profitable time for stores. This year, however, retailers are worried by a struggling economy that has cut into their profits the past three years. Even President Bush is watching the back-to-school season for signs that consumer confidence is rising. In a recent public appearance, the President expressed hope that parents will spend tax-rebate checks issued by the federal government on clothes and supplies for their school-age children.

Mid-Missouri families getting refund checks

Some people are savers, and some are spenders, but experts say that as federal tax refund checks arrive this summer, people are more likely to be spenders.

Families throughout Missouri and across America are receiving tax refund checks from the federal government. These checks are coming in amounts of up to $400 per dependent child. A family with three kids will receive $1,200 that they hadn’t planned on when they paid taxes last year.

Colleges see students staying longer

Katherine Williams is a senior at MU — again.

She’s not alone. In fact, she’s got plenty of company.

Housekeeping services see rise in business

In years past, mothers sought balance between going to work, raising children and taking care of household chores. With no superwoman in sight, many moms are opting to hire a housekeeper so they can spend more time with their children.

Recently, a poll conducted by Parents magazine found that 75 percent of working mothers feel guilty about how they handle their housework. But working mothers seem to be throwing the guilt aside and are hiring workers to take care of household chores such as laundry, dishes and mopping floors.

Davila resigns as Mid-Missouri manager

Papo Davila resigned as manager of the Mid-Missouri Mavericks on Sunday afternoon before the team’s game against River City.

Davila said he is leaving the team because of his health but would not detail a specific illness.

Room to run

Much red stood out among the black and gold on the Missouri practice field Sunday evening, but one particular bit of red drew the most attention.

Senior tailback Zack Abron, the incumbent starter who is listed first on the depth chart, wore a red no contact jersey after injuring his left ankle early in Saturday’s scrimmage.

Rascals hammer Mavs as Schlosser loses in debut

There was a new manager, but in the end a similar result.

The Mid-Missouri Mavericks struggles continued Sunday night. They lost to the River City Rascals 7-1 at Taylor Stadium.

Two-party system holds back America

I imagine that it would be virtually impossible to resolve most grievances if the world was indeed made up of only conservatives and liberals, as many political types seem to believe. This thought occurred to me as I was poring over one of the many news stories on the ordination of the Rev. V. Gene Robinson, the Episcopal Church’s bishop of New Hampshire. Undoubtedly, these two groups are married to their positions in both religious and political matters and will vote against each other until hell freezes over. In this case, they have made homosexuality their issue. Those Christians, on the other hand, who have some problems with bishops engaging in sex outside of marriage, regardless of their sexual preference, will probably go prayerfully into their closets and wrestle with the problem for as long as it takes until they come to an acceptable resolution.

But, of course, it always seems to be the conservatives or the liberals who choose the area of debate. These two groups have emerged from the two-party system. I don’t know what it is about belonging to either of the two parties that makes people feel that they are entitled to establish the agenda. Even the fact that they have the whole-hearted support of our supposed watchdogs, the national media, does not grant them this privilege. A government of the people is precisely that, one in which the public is empowered to set the subject of the engagement.

The 'Berg burns

Bystanders picked up charred pieces of the Heidelberg early this morning, saying they wanted to have a piece of a Columbia tradition. They watched as photographers and firefighters walked among the hoses, broken glass and other debris.

Just after 1:30 a.m. the Columbia Fire Department received a call reporting smoke at the Heidelberg Restaurant. Firefighters arrived to find a significant amount of smoke rising from the roof of the building, said Steve Sapp, a battalion chief and public information officer for the Columbia Fire Department.