Rains slicken roadways

Mid-Missourians got reacquainted with their windshield wipers Sunday afternoon as wet weather finally returned, creating slick driving conditions for many holiday travelers.

“Certainly any time you have a large volume of traffic and adverse weather conditions, that can be a contributing factor,” said Ken Hines, assistant fire chief for the Boone County Fire Protection District.

Harris: Spam law lacks substance

JEFFERSON CITY — Spam, the scourge of the computer-dependent, has assumed official status as a public enemy in the state of Missouri. The question is, can the state stop spammers?

With little fanfare, the state’s spam-restriction law quietly went into effect last week.

The season that was

Most people can’t change jobs on a whim.

Frontier League players do it all the time.

Team in the stands

Maverick infielder Tim Friedman played in Canton, Ohio, during the 2002 Frontier League season. He knows what it’s like to play in front of nobody.

“I’d rather have a small stadium full of people than a big one with nobody in it,” Friedman said as a he surveyed Columbia’s Taylor Stadium for the first time on day one of spring training.

A summer of life before the cold

Whew. I’m pleasantly surprised and relieved to report that I made it through August with all my friends and acquaintances still speaking to me in spite of the fact that I’m a summer person. The procession of days when the temperatures soared past the 100-degree mark was hard for many people to endure. Maybe there is some truth to the philosophy that suggests that much travail makes us stronger. With a violent thunderstorm with damaging winds, electrical blackouts (we had one a few days ahead of the one in the Northeast), steadily rising gas prices and daily broadcasts of bad news from the Middle East, we seem to be trudging along our way with a minimum of temper tantrums.

I try to make good use of the hot, humid afternoons by attending to quiet, little tasks like answering letters and sewing on buttons. I have to admit I do better with the buttons than with the letters. In the days when snail mail was all there was, I had an elderly neighbor who devoted one afternoon a week to responding to her correspondence. Today, I still have trouble devoting one hour a week to e-mail. I’m so far behind that I find the subject too embarrassing to talk about. It’s the whole “busman’s holiday” kind of thing. When writing is your job, doing it for pleasure is one of those things you tend to put off as long as you can. Catching up with my letter writing will probably wind up on my list of things to do on cold, winter nights.

Mavericks look back on inaugural year

The first season of Mid-Missouri Mavericks baseball was a roller coaster.

Pat Daly, the Mavericks’ vice president and general manager, says they’re ready for another ride.

Smith shows up for Tigers

There were high expectations.

“The Tigers will start 6-0,” said about three-fourths of message board posts on Internet fan sites in the days before the Missouri-Illinois football game.

Getting to the Heart of America

Six years ago, Stephen Bourgeois crossed the finish line in his first marathon. Since then, he has completed 21, 14 in the past year. On Oct. 18, he will celebrate his 40th birthday by competing in the Indianapolis Marathon, and then, a day later, drive to Louisville, Ky. for his 25th marathon.

Columbia’s Heart of America was the race that got him started, though. Bourgeois is set to run in this year’s race at 6 a.m. today.

Tigers win home opener

It was the third time in the past eight years that the Northwestern Wildcats have traveled to Audrey J. Walton Stadium for the MU women’s soccer home opener. This time, the result was different.

Missouri won 2-0 against Northwestern on Sunday afternoon in its second game of the season. The Tigers had lost to the Wildcats 4-2 in 1996 and 1998.