Soldiers as scholars

MEXICO, Mo.-- Sixteen-year-old Keith Hammond of Lubbock, Texas, sat nervously in a barber’s chair as inches of his red hair fell to the floor. It was one of many introductions for the new cadet Tuesday at the Missouri Military Academy.

“Keith’s really a good kid,” Alicia Wills, his mother, whispered as she watched her son. “I just want him to be in a good learning environment around other good kids.”

City sues Kroenkes for drainage area

The city of Columbia has sued local developer Stan Kroenke over a 16-foot strip of land it says it needs for public improvements in southwest Columbia.

The city has sought to acquire the land, which is owned by Kroenke and his wife, Ann, since December 2002 to improve drainage along Sinclair Street, across from Woodcrest Chapel. The Kroenkes and the city failed to agree on “proper compensation,” according to court documents, and the city filed a petition for condemnation Aug. 1.

Judge’s ruling up for review

Should a judge be able to impose the death sentence in a capital case when the jury cannot decide whether the defendant should die?

The Missouri Supreme Court will take up that question Wednesday in the case of Deandra Buchanan, who was convicted in the November 2000 killings of his girlfriend, aunt and stepfather, all Columbia residents. Boone County Circuit Court Judge Gene Hamilton sentenced Buchanan to death in April 2002 after the jury could not decide whether he should be executed or imprisoned for life.

Schools top candidates’ priority lists

It’s just too early. Two Republicans and two Democrats have announced plans to run for lieutenant governor next year, but analysts say it’s too soon to predict the nature or outcome of the election.

Ashland opts out of state tax holiday

The Ashland City Council is following Columbia and Boone County in taking initial steps to opt out of the state sales tax holiday.

“I don’t see why we need a sales tax holiday,” Linda Miller, Second Ward representative, said, noting economic conditions and the Bush administration’s recent tax cuts as reasons Ashland would not want to give up tax income.

Holden calls for special session

JEFFERSON CITY — Hours after Democratic Gov. Bob Holden called on the Missouri General Assembly to convene Monday in a special session, Republicans condemned Holden for using education for political ends. They did not, however, completely slam the door on his proposals to eliminate “corporate loopholes” to earn revenue for public schools.

“He’s using education as a poker chip,” House Speaker Pro Tem Rod Jetton said. “It’s just not right.”

Twenty years of worship

Through faith and diversity, Muslims from around the world have remained united at the Islamic Center of Central Missouri. The center, located in downtown Columbia, celebrates its 20th anniversary today, Friday and Sunday.

When it opened in 1983, the Islamic Center at Fifth and Locust streets served fewer than five families. Most of the Muslims in Columbia then were single college students.

Philips to get outside input

An independent consultant will evaluate stormwater management plans included in the proposal for developing the Philips tract.

United Way raises goal

Thoughts of the sluggish economy weigh on the minds of United Way coordinators as the group’s annual fund raising gears up to provide for community members in need.

Contract violations force STRIPES to relocate

Since early July, all the phones, furniture, file cabinets and even a big-screen television belonging to Supportive Tigers in Pursuit of Ensuring Safety have sat in limbo, unused in assistant director Melanie Lambert’s garage.

“I didn’t expect everything to be here for so long,” she said.

Audits reveal Mo. school expenses

Columbia public schools spent more than half a million dollars on staff and administrative travel expenses during the fiscal year ending June 30, 2002, according to a state auditor’s report released Wednesday.

Twilight Festival kicks off tonight

Downtown Columbia will be dancing tonight to the Swing’n Axes as the band performs in Courthouse Square to begin the September Twilight Festival.

Sheriff hopes to find good Samaritans

Sheriff hopes to find good Samaritans

After an attempted abduction of a 45-year-old woman Friday morning, the Boone County Sheriff’s Department wants to talk to a man and woman who might have helped change a tire for the victim.

Kinney leads with actions, not words

James Kinney doesn’t say much. He won’t be found jawing with opponents after a big hit and he won’t get any unsportsmanlike conduct penalties.

Court upholds rape case’s dismissals

The U.S. Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals has upheld the 2000 dismissal of MU and the Delta Tau Delta fraternity from a lawsuit by a former MU student who said she was raped in the fraternity’s annex.

In its ruling Wednesday, the Eighth Circuit Court wrote that neither MU nor the fraternity “owned, possessed or controlled” the premises where the alleged assault took place. Further, the court found no fault with MU’s handling of the situation and that Emilie Ostrander failed to show that university officials had displayed “deliberate indifference” to her claims that she had been raped.

Kewpies edge Rock Bridge

Stefani Worley doesn’t mind pitching out of bases-loaded jams, in fact, she says she enjoys it.

Columbia native showing he has all the right moves

Some drivers celebrate victories with rubber-burning doughnuts, spraying champagne or fence climbing.

Carl Edwards, the latest NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series sensation, scrambles out of his truck after taking the checkered flag and does a backflip.

As GM, Daly’s drive to win takes many routes

Make no mistake about it, Pat Daly, Mid-Missouri Mavericks general manager, likes to win.