Twist found in new gun law

Columbia Police Chief Randy Boehm has made it clear that he’s not a fan of the new conceal-and-carry gun law. After reading through it, he found a section that makes him like the law even less.

Mental health efforts expand

JEFFERSON CITY — Every week, people in Missouri struggle with the decision between keeping custody of their child or seeking the best mental health care for him or her. Two of Missouri’s government agencies are working to avoid that decision.

Higher Learning

Heather Hogan watched patiently as Rodolfo, a sixth-grader in Los Angeles, filled out her classroom evaluation. Even though the summertime class had ended, Rodolfo was diligently writing answers to the 20 questions. When he finished, he walked up to Hogan and shyly handed in his survey.

“Ms. Hogan, I didn’t know what to write for number 12 about how to improve our school,” he said. “I just wrote about picking up trash.

MU not big supplier to top graduate schools

Among the multitude of brochures available at the MU Career Center is one that asks students to “Imagine Stanford Graduate School of Business.”

But MU students with such ambitions are often left imagining, according to the results of a survey published last Friday in the Wall Street Journal.

Guns not allowed on buses

JEFFERSON CITY — Two leading legislative supporters of concealed weapons say they would not try to block efforts by cities to ban hidden pistols on buses and other transportation systems.

Columbia Transit and Para-Transit does not allow weapons on buses. Procedures will not change after Oct. 11 when the concealed weapons permits are issued, Columbia Transit supervisor Mark Grindstaff said.

Reach of ban under debate

A proposal to prohibit concealed weapons on county-owned property produced disagreement among Boone County commissioners Tuesday night.

The order would have gone into effect with Missouri’s new concealed gun law on Oct. 11. Existing policy bans weapons on county property but does not specifically mention concealed guns.

Campuses bar guns throughout

Despite Missouri’s new concealed-weapons law, it will still be illegal to carry a gun on Columbia’s college campuses once the law takes effect later this month.

Guns are not allowed on MU’s campus unless they are stored with the University of Missouri Police Department, said MUPD Interim Police Chief Jack Watring.

Language arts

It’s 7:30 a.m., and the halls of Rock Bridge High School are filling up with students who are talking, finishing breakfast and running to their lockers. Teachers prepare for classes.

Kewps defeat Bruins

Every so often a team is able to speak with its play.

Hickman’s determination showed Wednesday night in a 3-2 win against Rock Bridge at Cosmopolitan Park.

MU has final say against Kansas

Volleyball is a game of momentum.

Missouri defeated Kansas 30-16, 31-33, 30-28, 26-30, 15-10 in a match that was full of streaks Wednesday at Hearnes Center.

Making snap decisions

Before he leads his team into the huddle, before he takes off running down the sideline or throws a slant to a receiver, Brad Smith must first know where every player on the field is going to be.

Such is the life of a quarterback. Although an offensive lineman must know his blocking assignments or a tailback must know his running lanes, the quarterback must know everything about everyone.