Alvis assists in all areas for Kewps

Cedric Alvis walks sluggishly off the football field, his eyes focused on his cleats, silently reliving his team’s loss.

Although Alvis speaks somberly after the game, three hours earlier he was bouncing up and down, cracking jokes with teammates and hardly able to control his excitement about the night’s game.

Sanchez at home with MU

A few months before Steven Sanchez moved to Columbia to play offensive tackle for Missouri, he didn’t know which conference the Tigers played in.

That’s one reason Sanchez doesn’t understand how he ended up at MU.

Focused freshman

Missouri freshman Yelena Olshanskaya is adjusting nicely to college tennis.

Olshanskaya rolls into the Intercollegiate Tennis Association Central Regional Tournament today undefeated in singles competition. The five-day event in Salt Lake City is an individual tournament where the Tigers match up against the top players from 25 other teams.

Columbians part of implant debate

Eleven years after silicone-gel breast implants were tightly restricted by the federal government, the Food and Drug Administration is considering whether to allow them back on the market.

Since 1992, when the FDA banned the use of silicone implants except for breast reconstruction in cancer patients, two Columbia residents have been at the center of the debate over the safety of the devices.

Is conceal-carry public’s choice?

As the conceal-and-carry law awaits judgment from a St. Louis Circuit Court, the question of whether the law was the will of the people still hangs in the balance.

In 1999, Missouri voters struck down, by a margin of 4 percent, a referendum that would have allowed most citizens to carry concealed guns. The issue remained dormant until this year, when the Republican-controlled Missouri General Assembly passed a new conceal-and-carry law.

Senate bans partial birth abortions

WASHINGTON — The Senate on Tuesday voted to ban the practice that critics call partial birth abortion, sending President Bush a measure that supporters and foes alike said could alter the future of U.S. abortion rights. A court challenge is certain.

Years in the making, the bill imposes the most far-reaching limits on abortion since the Supreme Court in 1973 confirmed a woman’s right to end a pregnancy.

Milk prices hit two-year high at $2.90/gallon

As cook for the Child Learning and Development Center, Kelly Thompson is all too familiar with rising milk prices.

“Buying 35 to 40 gallons per week for the day care allows me to notice a significant amount more that we do spend on milk,” she said. “But even just my having a 3-year-old and buying milk, personally, for my family is enough to notice the price raise.”

Cougars sweep Spartans

Everything seemed to be going according to plan late in Columbia College’s match with Missouri Baptist on Tuesday night at Southwell Arena.

The Cougars had coasted to easy victories in the first two games, and with a big lead late in Game 3, they seemed poised for another easy win.

Shen’s drive leads to success

Passion and discipline.

Coach Susan Kreklow said those qualities make Shen Danru a success for the No. 24 Missouri volleyball team.

Where help and homework meet

The heavy door at the entrance causes only a moment’s pause as a flood of breathless children, fresh off the bus from school, race to sign in and begin an afternoon at The Intersection.

First stop: snack time.

Beefing it up

Smart consumers can calculate how much they save by buying steak at a local grocery store and cooking it at home instead of ordering a grilled steak at a restaurant. But picky gourmets see something else that a home cook cannot easily achieve: Access to the better-quality meat is one of restaurants’ advantages.

When people pay $20 or more for a Kansas City strip steak, they pay for more than the cost of the meat. They also pay for the restaurant’s access to fresh, high-quality beef, the cost of cutting the meat by specially trained chefs, the chef’s cooking skills and the restaurant’s services.

Horse sense

The secret to horse whispering is that it’s not about the horse. Whispering is about people learning to watch, listen and understand the subtle body language of horses, according to Dennis Reis, a mild-mannered, lanky cowboy and self-proclaimed whisperer.

MU Police make more DWI arrests

With a little more than two months left in the year, MU Police have nearly doubled the number of arrests for driving while intoxicated compared with 2002.

But rather than indicating more alcohol use and abuse on campus, police and university officials say the increase reflects greater law enforcement efforts.

Lawmakers: School funding is ‘not there’

Going to court or changing leadership in the Missouri General Assembly are the only ways a Columbia lawmaker thinks state-funding considerations for public education will change.

State Rep. Chuck Graham, D-Columbia, told the Columbia Board of Education on Tuesday that current leaders come from “hold harmless” districts where schools do not feel the budget cuts as deeply and that only a revolt from the rural districts may bring more money to schools.

Street privatization issue delayed

The Columbia Housing Authority commissioners assured a crowd of wary residents that it won’t discuss the privatization of streets adjacent to public housing until January.

Private ownership of those streets would allow housing authority officials to arrest individuals that are on the no-trespassing list, such as drug dealers, and move them away from people’s homes.

Thai time

Down a narrow gravel road by the Easley River sits one of Columbia’s hidden treasures. Nestled along the Lewis and Clark Trail at Cooper’s Landing, the Thai Kitchen may not look like much by its exterior. However, as the old quote says, you can’t judge a book by its cover. In the next couple of months, though, this book plans to have a new cover, and patrons will no longer have to travel to the riverside. Having had such success at Cooper’s Landing, owner Pramuan “Chim” Duncan has decided to develop it into a full-fledged restaurant. The new Thai Kitchen will be located at 3502 I-70 Drive Southeast next to the Hong Kong Market.

For now, Duncan still serves authentic Thai food out of a little white trailer at Cooper’s Landing. The Thai Kitchen has been bringing the tastes of Thailand to Cooper’s Landing on Thursday through Sunday nights for the past three summers.

Halloween: Enjoying tasty treats

Although trick-or-treating is intended to be fun and games, it can also be dangerous for those who don’t keep safety in mind.