The band legendary for its flamboyant live performances also provides plenty of inspiration for fanatic consumers


Artists have issues. Lest it’s forgotten,they are human. Unchecked issues can be overwhelming, and, tragically, some who create art in life take a permanent detour to quiet their minds. Over the years, suicide has erased from the world many painters (Vincent van Gogh), poets (Sylvia Plath) and, recently, musician Elliott Smith.

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Stella comics recline on Vox’s couch and open up about the ’80s and summer camp


Playing amateur psychologist can make for hours of Freudian fun, but be careful before you slap someone with a personality disorder diagnosis — this game isn’t as easy as it looks. There is a common phenomenon in medical school called second-year syndrome. As students read about the symptoms of different illnesses in their second year of study, some begin to imagine that they have rare diseases. A sinus headache is interpreted as a brain tumor. A skin rash from cosmetics is the first manifestation of the Ebola virus.


Cheese, steak, eggs and Atkins: the ideal dieting combination


Adults with anorexia or bulimia face a unique set of challenges and must balance family with their own internal struggleswo refrigerators always graced my family’s kitchen: one for my mother and one for the rest of the family. Ours had regular salad dressing and Creamsicles while hers was packed with fat-free this and sugar-free that, a lot of bulk but hardly any calories. She was so afraid that something she was comfortable eating would be discontinued that she hoarded enough to last through a long flood. Anything in the back fridge was Mom’s. If you knew what was good for ...