A workout for the kids

Two lifeguards sit perched in five-foot-high watchtowers over the pool at the Activity and Recreation Center in Columbia. Their red suits stand out against the expanse of blue water and dark glass that dominate the indoor landscape.

The lifeguards watch closely as a group of children joke with each other as they race up a staircase to the top of a waterslide. Across the pool, a girl investigates the spouting waters of a fountain. And a mother leads her daughter under an archway of thin liquid streams.

Door-to-door Democrats

Calling Republicans "masters in the art of deceit...who only serve one master--the Fortune 500 club," Sen. Ken Jacob, D-Columbia, led a handful of Democratic volunteers through Columbia neighborhoods on Saturday morning. The volunteers were part of a statewide canvassing event designed to raise the party's awareness prior to next year's elections.

Going door to door, volunteers distributed literature explaining the Democrats' position on the economy, education and health care and asked voters what issues they cared most about. More than 300 volunteers canvassed a total of 1,000 hours in 22 cities across the state.