Abron tops list for TDs, scoring

When senior tailback Zack Abron carries the ball, 1-yard runs often become 3- or 4-yard gains. On Saturday, Abron got two for one.

With a 2-yard run in the first quarter, Abron broke Missouri’s all-time scoring record and touchdown record. Abron has scored 234 points in his career, passing Corby Jones’ 228. Abron also passed Jones on the touchdown list, scoring his 39th.

28 people, 112 gifts: 1 headache

It’s that time of year again. I’m up to my eyeballs with lists of things to do so that I can “enjoy” the holidays. And heading the list is shopping for gifts. I try to buy each member of the family four gifts — one nice present and three stocking stuffers. With 28 folks in this family, you do the math.

If you’ve been reading my column, you know I began shopping for presents the week after last Christmas. This worked fairly well when the grandchildren were younger because they were delighted with anything I gave them. And that’s still the case with my two 2-year-olds. I’ve never understood why parents spend more than $10 on babies who couldn’t give a whit about what’s in the package and are quite content tearing paper and eating ribbon.

Bringing in the flock

In a low, clear voice, Arthur Case asks his dog, Kate, to “come bye.” The 6-year-old Border collie bears down and edges her way toward a flock of sheep that waits at the fence line. Case lifts the temporary barrier, and Kate drives the sheep past their owner and along the Missouri River bottom levee where they were grazing.

“She’s the one I have to rely on,” Case says as Kate leads the ewes to a driveway that winds up to his rural Hartsburg home. “She saves me a half-mile walk every day,” he continues, gesturing toward the muted copper hillside that surrounds his property in the distance.