Paradise or pit?

Mahogany doors, marble partitions and tiles, nickel plated fixtures and vaulted ceilings. The Missouri legislature approved $3 million for these renovations to the Capitol’s bathrooms.

The funds for the renovation already had been allocated before the state began to experience budget problems. In 2001, $2 million was budgeted for the bathrooms, and the other $900,000 was spent last year to complete the job. Renovation work on the bathrooms continues.

No reprieve in ‘whupping’ aftermath

The New Year has been here for two weeks, and my house is a disaster area. The decorations are still up, I haven’t had time to take the two duplicate gifts back — let alone shop the sales. And it’s all because this year we decided to leave town right after Christmas to go to the Independence Bowl.

For those of you who didn’t read last week’s column, it was a miserable trip. Not only was I feeling puny, I somehow managed to flood the entire coach (my husband has decided it’s my fault because I was the last one to use the toilet.) Then, to top it off, we lost the football game. Had we played someone with class it wouldn’t have been so bad, but we played the pigs from Arkansas. Their fans outnumbered us three to one, and I must say they were a rowdy group.

Teenage talent

A white plastic jug sits on a chair directly in front of the band Aeropostale as it plays in the corner of the Youth Center in Sturgeon. Written in black marker, the jug reads, “Donations for the Band.”

The center’s main room is nondescript with white walls, cement floors and six windows that let the fading evening light in. But the look of the room doesn’t matter so much to the group. This is a gig, and that’s all that counts.