Mortgage process turns off buyers

It took John Connor more than a year to buy a house in Columbia. With an imperfect credit history, a limited amount of money and few affordable homes to choose from, Connor, an auto technician, wondered if he’d ever find a place to call home.

“There were some times of despair, where I was depressed,” Connor said. “You just feel: ‘Am I ever going to find a place?’ ”

More than spiritual growth

Although you might not have noticed, for the past 20 years two small brick buildings in a five-acre field of grass at 301 W. Green Meadows Road have been Rock Bridge Christian Church. Now, the congregation has decided to build a sanctuary that’s sure to be noticed.

The congregation intended to build the sanctuary 20 years ago, but generosity held it back.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day Events

Learn tolerance from life of MLK

It’s hard to dwell on life’s more serious aspects with your cat at your feet, spread out on his back, sound asleep with all four of his paws pointed skyward. It does remind you, however, about the necessity of keeping things in their proper perspective. Simply put, the earth will not stop turning because you forgot to put out the garbage, and the sky will not fall because you forgot your aunt’s 90th birthday. But dire consequences could result if you don’t remember to check the oil in your car.

Keeping things in perspective is important, and even when you have a cooperative cat, it’s not always easy to achieve. And to be honest, I’m sometimes not even in the mood to try. That’s one purpose the observation of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday serves in my life. When I’m reminded of the example this man set before us in his brief lifetime, it’s embarrassing to examine some of my attitudes and behaviors in the areas of generating peace and understanding.

Bus safety concerns renewed

When a school bus overturned outside St. Louis last Monday, seriously injuring one student and the bus driver, Marla Wilcox reacted like many local parents.

“It caused fear, of course,” she said. “I have a kid that rides the school bus.”

Mad cow far from only food-borne health risk

The risk of contracting the human form of mad cow disease is minute, but Americans face other food-borne risks from bacteria such as salmonella, E. coli and listeria.

More people die each year in the United States from these bacterial infections than have died from variant Creuzfeldt-Jakob disease — thought to be caused by mad cow disease — thus far around the world.

Tigers’ victory bucks recent trend

NORMAN, Okla. – Coming in, the Missouri men’s basketball team knew winning at Oklahoma’s Lloyd Noble Center would not be easy and would probably be decided in the final moments.

It wasn’t easy and was decided in overtime, and that’s what made Saturday’s 79-75 victory against the Sooners all the more special.

Missouri continues to struggle

A missed opportunity hurt Missouri.

The Tigers lost 71-54 to No. 15 Colorado on Sunday at Coors Events Center in Boulder, Colo., in a Big 12 Conference game.