Missouri fouls up chance for victory

LUBBOCK, Texas – Texas Tech didn’t need any help getting more points, but Missouri gave it an assist anyway.

The Red Raiders benefited greatly from converting on 24-of-29 trips to the foul line in their 87-76 win Wednesday in the United Spirit Arena.

UM’s leaders ask for money

JEFFERSON CITY — Leading University of Missouri system officials encouraged senators to approve a $190.4 million bond issue as they testified in front of the Senate Appropriations Committee on Wednesday.

The UM system leaders are angling for parts of a bond that would fund various life-science-related construction projects.

Music stores stayin’ alive

It’s a Tuesday afternoon at Streetside Records, and a half-dozen customers are pacing the aisles, browsing the racks and stacks of compact discs. As a song by singer Norah Jones comes on the store’s sound system, two middle-aged women approach Streetside manager Kevin Walsh.

“Do you know a song beginning like, ‘there she goes... there she goes again’?” one of the women asks.

Tigers’ defense falters in 2nd half

LUBBOCK, Texas — All it takes is a split-second lapse, a loss of focus on defense that allows the opponent to score.

All teams experience those mistakes, but rarely does one commit them consistently for more than nine minutes.

Johnson biggest of MU’s big men

LUBBOCK, Texas — Before the season, Arthur Johnson made it a goal to become Missouri’s best big man.

Johnson took another step to taking that title. After he grabbed eight rebounds at Texas Tech on Wednesday night, Johnson passed former MU great Doug Smith, a fellow Detroit native, for the school mark. Johnson has 1,554 rebounds, one more than Smith.

Citizens express concerns at I-70 meeting

The possibility of excessive exhaust fumes and traffic noise caused by the expansion of I-70 worried residents of the Parkade neighborhood Wednesday night.

Missouri snaps drought in Texas

Missouri picked the best time to break a streak.

Texas A&M’s defense tried to keep the score low, but it wasn’t enough as the MU women’s basketball team won 61-60 on Wednesday in College Station, Texas, in a Big 12 Conference game.

Gays lobby for right to wed

JEFFERSON CITY (AP) — More than 200 gay-rights activists crowded the Capitol on Wednesday to speak out against legislation affecting the gay community.

Activists in record numbers sounded off against a proposed amendment to the Missouri Constitution limiting marriage to a man and a woman. The proposed amendment passed the Senate last week.

Grindstone medians becoming gardens

The city of Columbia plans this spring to start putting the finishing touches on Grindstone Parkway.

The new road already boasts a bicycle lane and a sidewalk. City crews will add flower beds and an irrigation system to the 8-foot-wide medians just east and west of the Grindstone Parkway entrance to Rock Quarry Park.

Measuring New Math

Mathematics in the nation’s public schools is changing, and students and teachers in the Columbia Public School District are adjusting as well.

In 1997, Columbia schools began implementing a new math curriculum called integrated math. Six years later, Columbia educators say they are seeing positive results.

Trans fat labels: Will they work?

Soon, Americans will have another opportunity to make informed, intelligent choices about what they eat and the effect that food has on their bodies.

And they still may not care.

Hickman moves on

WASHINGTON, Mo. — Lauren Harris called it slumpy. Kaela Rorvig was at a loss for words.

Whatever it was, it wasn’t the same Hickman team that won the Class 5 District 10 championship. It wasn’t as intense. It wasn’t as crisp. In the end, it didn’t matter.

Concealed gun rule unfunded

JEFFERSON CITY (AP)— Sheriffs who are baffled by how to implement Missouri’s concealed guns law following a state Supreme Court ruling may have themselves to thank for the confusion.

That’s because the language cited by the court as triggering an illegal unfunded mandate was added to last year’s concealed weapons legislation at the behest of the sheriffs’ lobbyist.

Rebuilding line key for Tigers

This is the environment in which Missouri football coach Gary Pinkel wants to develop young players.

Coming off an 8-5 season that included a trip to the Independence Bowl, Pinkel said the atmosphere of the team’s off-season player-development program was significantly improved.

Rutherford relished role with MU

Joann Rutherford’s life is coming full circle.

Rutherford guided the Missouri women’s basketball program from its infancy in 1975 and made it a contender in the Big Eight Conference.

Medical marijuana issue resurfaces

JEFFERSON CITY — A bill that would legalize marijuana for medical uses has resurfaced this legislative session after being killed last year.

The House Health Care Policy Committee heard testimony Wednesday from people both in favor of and against the bill.

MU ends homestand with victory

Columbia proved to be as friendly to the Missouri baseball team as the road.

Missouri closed its five-game homestand Wednesday with an 8-2 win against Western Illinois. The Tigers (10-2) finished their first games at Taylor Stadium this season on a four-game winning streak.

Trademark fire missing from Kewps in first half

WASHINGTON, Mo. — The Kewpies had to take a step back to see the way to the next round of the state playoffs.

Hickman took off its press in the second half and cruised to a 67-44 victory against Francis Howell in the sectional round of the playoffs Wednesday at Borgia High.