Hunter gathering

With the deer hunting season officially over, hunters gathered at the 16th Annual Missouri Deer Classic to extend the season by comparing trophies and techniques.

Continuing today, it features seminars and more than 200 exhibits, including trophy and taxidermy displays, hunting equipment and apparel, a kid’s archery range and a pellet rifle range.

Center promotes religious diversity awareness

For a Muslim woman, a routine visit to a doctor or a stay at a hospital can become an unpleasant ordeal if the physician treating her is unfamiliar with the customs of Islam.

A request for a nurse to point out the direction of Mecca could be dismissed as the effect of painkillers.

Mo. guard to serve across United States

More National Guard members are being deployed to active duty, but they’re not going to Iraq.

Three units of the Missouri National Guard, totaling about 170 soldiers, will be deployed this weekend to various locations in the United States.