Candidates clash on wards

Mayoral candidates Darwin Hindman and John Clark disagree about whether the city ought to have more wards.

Hindman, the incumbent who is seeking a record fourth term in the April 6 election, thinks the current size of the City Council is adequate, but challenger Clark believes the city ought to study whether more wards are necessary.

Budget experts to leave Senate

JEFFERSON CITY — When the two budget leaders in Missouri’s Senate first came to the General Assembly decades ago, they were far apart — both geographically and philosophically.

Now, the two longest-serving members of the Missouri legislature are heralded by colleagues and lobbyists as models for bi-partisan cooperation — as well as targets of private criticism within their own parties.

Practicing what they teach

JEFFERSON CITY — Rep. Barbara Fraser, D-University City, gets bombarded by lobbyists every day. But this time, during a Wednesday morning session in late February, was different.

Fraser was handed a business card by one of the thousands of lobbyists and special interest advocates who converge on the statehouse.

Candidate wants to sell Beanie Babies to raise funds

Columbia Democrat Lara Underwood was hoping to capitalize on the Ty Beanie Baby fad by auctioning 12 Democratic donkeys and one Republican elephant through an online service.

Unfortunately, a little bean counting by the Missouri Ethics Commission threw a monkey wrench into the General Assembly candidate’s plans.

Task too tall for Tigers

TEMPE, Ariz. – Although perseverance and overcoming the odds defined Missouri this season, both were absent in the Tigers’ past two games.

Neither Saturday’s 68-44 loss to No. 6 seed Stanford in the first round of the NCAA Tournament, nor the 79-58 loss to Kansas State on March 10 in the second round of the Big 12 Conference Tournament were how Missouri wanted to end its season, but it happened just the same.

Kewps savor chance to bowl

In less than one year, Jim Trainer overcame one obstacle after another to create the Hickman bowling teams and bring them to the district finals.

Trainer, with the help of an eager group of young bowlers, organized two Kewpies teams, which competed March 7 at the district finals in St. Louis.

Tough opposition

As much as some would like, not all of the blame for Missouri’s disappointing season can be placed on the shoulders of the Tigers.

From bruising interior play to clutch, late-game heroics, several Missouri opponents deserve recognition for their memorable performances.

Missouri offense sparkles

There was one zero on the scoreboard for the Missouri baseball team after its game against Chicago State on Sunday.

The Tigers won 21-1 and scored in every inning, except the fourth, to complete their first three-game series sweep this season.

Missouri tennis team falls to No. 14 Fresno State

The Missouri tennis team lost 7-0 to Fresno State on Sunday in Fresno, Calif.

Hana Kraftova and Lucie Ruskova had the only Tigers victory, an 8-6 doubles win. No. 14 Fresno State won the other two doubles matches. A knee injury to Urska Juric caused the Tigers to default a singles match.

Stewart could still make society better

The jury is still out among my female friends as to whether or not Martha Stewart wound up in court simply because she was a successful woman or truly guilty of committing a crime. And it is true that there are a lot of corporate scoundrels who have robbed investors of billions who are still running around loose. Nevertheless, Stewart got caught, the prosecutors were able to make their case, and she was convicted. Undoubtedly, there are thousands of felons behind bars who could also claim that others as guilty as they were are still at large.

I’ve heard some women say they feel betrayed by Martha. They seem to believe that she seduced them by her pseudo-perfectionism into thinking that they too could somehow become goddesses of housewifery and all things domestic. I always saw her as a super saleswoman, a captain of capitalism and a not-very-nice person.