NCAA alleges MU violations

The NCAA alleges multiple rules violations by the MU basketball program, including an assertion that an assistant coach gave an athlete $250, sources familiar with an NCAA report said Monday.

But after a months-long investigation, the NCAA has thrown out allegations that troubled former player Ricky Clemons received improper academic help to get into MU because the charge couldn’t be substantiated, said the sources, who spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity.

Minority retention high at MU

Despite the negativity of last week’s report on diversity at MU, not every aspect of the university is being criticized.

The report released May 4, which chastised the university for its lack of a “comprehensive approach to diversity,” listed high retention of all underrepresented groups as one of the few things at which MU has been successful. Numbers included in the report also showed that first-time enrollment of minorities has been increasing.

Support and success

Sex can be a touchy subject, but Salama Gallimore doesn’t mind talking about it with 52 other people — that is, if they’re members of No-Limit Ladies, a support group for minority girls at Hickman High School.

“It is easier to talk to someone your own age going through the same struggles academically, with friends, and with family,” said Gallimore, a senior who is also president of Minority Achievement Scholars and a member of the National Honor Society.

You're fired

In recent months, millions of Americans have watched as promising young businessmen and women were eliminated from NBC’s “The Apprentice.” Donald Trump squinted his eyes, leaned forward, and pointed a finger at his next victim.

Then, he uttered the infamous phrase.

MU alum takes degree to California

Dave Holt and his company may be improving your life, and you don’t even know it.

Holt is the president and CEO of Lightspeed, a structured array company in Santa Clara, Calif. Structured array is a new way to build semi-conductors, which are crucial to the operation of many gadgets Americans take for granted.

‘Fix’ to gun law stalls in House

Time is running out for Missouri legislators to amend conceal-and-carry laws.

Some House representatives and senators are hoping to pass a so-called “Hancock fix” to Missouri’s conceal-and-carry laws before Friday, the end of this year’s legislative session. However, some legislators are not optimistic about the likelihood that the bill will pass before then.

Students watch their steps with Coca-Cola’s help

Lange Middle School students will turn walking into a competitive sport this week.

The school launched a Coca-Cola sponsored program called “Step with it!” at an assembly Monday morning. The program gives students and faculty “stepometers” — small pedometers that measure numbers of steps — and it gives rewards ranging from bottles of water to calculators to classes that walk the most.

Board asks to increase raises

The Columbia Board of Education didn’t vote on administrator’s recommendations regarding teacher raises Monday night because they want to see an even brighter picture painted.

The board was slated to take action on whether to raise the base pay of teachers by $1,000 to $1,200 with previously decided reductions, which included 50 staff positions eliminated. Instead, the board is ignoring that motion and asking for scenarios from administrators involving $1,200 to $1,500 raises to the base pay and restoration of some cuts. The district can do this by taking more out of reserves, but they would still be within recommended budget parameters.

Details worked out

A dormant Rock Bridge team, emerged from its losing skid in atypical fashion.

It didn’t need many extra-base hits. There weren’t any towering home runs.

Time to go, but stories stay with me

Thank you, Columbia. Thank you for being my refuge, my home, my inspiration and my audience.

Before I moved here, I had scrapped my far-fetched dream of being the next Harry Caray. The want of money led me to enroll in college as a pre-law student, despite my fantasy of sports broadcasting. Thankfully, a desire to have fun rather than succeed in school led me to Columbia, the place where I would use a change of scenery to straighten out my priorities.

Bruins rout Bulldogs

Normally, it would have been a dull night in the Rock Bridge goal for Emily Schuenemeyer and Emily Roark.

Monday, though, each goalie scored a goal in the Bruins’ 10-0 victory against the Mexico Bulldogs at Cosmopolitan Park.

Missouri pair will try for Olympics

Two Missouri wrestlers qualified for the U.S. Olympic Team Trials in Indianapolis.

For one, it’s the end of a career; for the other, it’s the beginning of an era.

MU discusses NCAA allegations

MU's men's basketball program broke numerous NCAA rules from 1999 to 2003, according to the NCAA's 19-page official notice of allegations released this morning during a news conference at MU's Reynolds Alumni Center.

No violations of academic fraud are listed in the NCAA's report. The report says that from 1999 to 2003, members of the basketball program bought meals and had impermissible contact with recruits. Other allegations include unethical conduct by an athletic department staff member and offseason league play by team members.

NCAA dismisses allegation that Clemons received improper academic aid

MU's men's basketball program broke numerous NCAA rules from 1999 to

2003, according to the NCAA's 19-page official notice of allegations