Not much is insured

Finding health coverage continues to be a big hurdle for small businesses, despite the efforts of some legislators and employers. Since 2001, with health insurance premiums seeing double-digit increases, small businesses — defined by the Bureau of Labor Statistics as employing fewer than 100 people — have been the hardest hit. Legislative proposals — state and federal — have had mixed results and have not succeeded in resolving the growing crisis. Of the 43.5 million uninsured Americans, more than 16 million own, work for, or are dependent in some way on small businesses, according to the 2002 Census.

May sweeps

It is always good to enter the postseason on a hot streak.

The Missouri baseball team defeated Oklahoma State 7-3 on Sunday at Taylor Stadium, sweeping the Cowboys, who entered the three-game series with the third-best record in the Big 12 Conference.

Iraq escort duty draws complaints

KANSAS CITY — Members of a Missouri National Guard unit say guarding convoys for private contractors in Iraq puts them at greater risk than when they were hauling military supplies for the Army.

The 150-member 1221st Transportation Company has been reassigned from its hauling duties to providing security for convoys operated by defense contractor Kellog Brown & Root.

Mavs’ Clark no fan of walks

Barry Bonds versus Roger Clemens.

The matchup represents one of the most intriguing faceoffs in baseball history; arguably the game’s greatest slugger against one of its toughest pitchers.

Tornadoes cut across Nebraska

HALLAM, Neb. — More than a dozen tornadoes swept across southern Nebraska, killing at least one person and prompting Gov. Mike Johanns to declare a state of emergency.

Johanns confirmed the death Sunday before he was taken by military helicopter to tour the town of Hallam, where every home was damaged or destroyed, vehicles were flipped and trees lay in the streets.

Paige Arena select-a-seat program under way

An opportunity like this comes around once every 32 years.

The Missouri basketball teams will compete in the new Paige Sports Arena next season, and season ticket buyers have a chance to choose their seats for the first time since the Tigers began play at Hearnes Center in 1972.

Pushing onward for racial equality

The information coming from the examination of racial progress 50 years after the Brown vs. the Board of Education decision has not produced many surprises. Racial equality remains as elusive as it has always been in the areas of employment, housing and, still in many cases, education.

Among other things, we have learned from a study by the Education Trust, an independent nonprofit organization, schools populated primarily by minorities are more likely to have less qualified and less experienced teachers. This, of course, leads to a predictable outcome. Overall, minority students, by the time they reach eighth grade, tend to be “three years behind other students.”