City Council puts Stadium plans on hold

Plans for a $15 million overhaul of Stadium Boulevard between Interstate 70 and West Broadway have been stalled for at least another 30 days.

Youth prevails

The championship cup held PowerAde again this year. The winner of the Francis Hagan Match Play Championship was not 21.

Michael Unger, 20, overcame a strong round by Joe Bellmer, the runner-up the past two years, to win 1-up in 19 holes Sunday at Lake of the Woods Golf Course.

Part-time shift questioned at MU

A change in makeup in the numbers of MU faculty, administrators and staff to fewer full-time employees and more part-time is raising concerns of cheaper but possibly less effective education.

“The popular view is that there has been some acceleration” in the hiring of part-timers, said Gordon Christensen, chairman of MU’s Faculty Council.

Tigers naming new assistant

Quin Snyder, the Missouri men’s basketball coach, will hold a press conference at 10 a.m. today to announce an addition to his coaching staff.

The press conference, which comes three days after assistant coach Tony Harvey resigned, will be held at Hearnes Center.

Mavericks fall apart in eighth against Rascals

The Mid-Missouri Mavericks lost 13-6 to the River City Rascals on Sunday in O’Fallon.

The Rascals’ (15-13) scored seven runs on six hits in the eighth inning to break at tie at 6.

Let’s try to learn from mistakes

No one could have been kinder to me when I was growing up than the couple who lived next door. She was my Sunday School teacher and taught me my Bible lessons. He was my adult playmate, who always saved a sandwich for me in his lunch pail and brought me a big basket of candy bunnies for Easter. I spent a portion of every day in their household, and I loved them dearly. Still, I knew they both had feet of clay. The lady of the house often gossiped about her neighbors, and the man of the house was the neighborhood drunk.

I’ve repeated this story several times over the past few weeks. I usually have told it to people who couldn’t stop singing the praises of the former president. As you might notice, I do not respond well to hero worship. I have chosen not to enter any discussions about Ronald Reagan during a period when the country was mourning his death. In spite of the occasion, I had to say that I’ve never had a problem staying clear of idolatry. In my lifetime, I have met many people I’ve admired, but never anyone I’ve idolized.

Rhythm of the Summer

By 10 a.m., Dan Beck has already begun walking his mail route, his feet beating out an inconstant but rapid rhythm against the pavement. Beck weaves his way down Ninth Street each week. He travels the grid of retail stores, restaurants and offices that constitute downtown Columbia.

He gradually alleviates the heft of his mailbag as he stops in at each store, quickly dropping off the envelopes and packages with a cursory wave to store owners.