Cubs cool off Cards

ST. LOUIS — Kerry Wood came off the disabled and list kept the Chicago Cubs’ six-game trip from being a total loss.

Wood won in his first start in two months and Sammy Sosa hit a home run and drove in five runs, helping the Cubs beat the St. Louis Cardinals 8-4 on Sunday night to enter the All-Star break on a positive note.

Catfish 101

Brian Flowers believes the Missouri River is an underutilized resource for anglers, many of whom have never learned to fish the big river because it requires special equipment and tactics.

Flowers, an outdoor skills specialist with the Missouri Department of Conservation, says many people prefer to drop their lines into smaller rivers, streams and lakes. But because of the rising popularity of catfish fishing, that trend may be changing. A proposal by the department would encourage an increase in larger catfish in the Missouri River, while Flowers is offering anglers a chance to learn the skills needed to fish the Missouri.

Hometown edge

Columbia golfers Leah Bowring and D.J. Chung said they will have the hometown advantage at the Missouri Big I Youth Championship.

The Missouri Big I is today and Tuesday at A.L. Gustin Golf Course. Tee-time is 8 a.m.

Women’s Amateur set to begin

The 66th Missouri Women’s Amateur Championship will be held today through Wednesday at the Country Club of Missouri. This is the third time the tournament will be played at the course.

There are 78 players entered with handicaps ranging from 2 to 28. Ellen Port of St. Louis won last year’s championship at Millwood Golf Club in Springfield, Mo. Barb Berkmeyer of St. Louis won her fifth straight senior championship and was last year’s runner-up. Denise Knaebel of Moberly has one of the lowest handicaps in the competition and placed third last year.

9/11 reforms seen as being ’substantive’

WASHINGTON — Working in secret, the Sept. 11 commission is finishing a final report that several members believe will be done by week’s end and have unanimous support.

The endorsement of all 10 commissioners is important if the findings and recommendations for improvements — most notably in intelligence-gathering — are to avoid charges of partisanship in a presidential election year.

Take time to enjoy simplest pleasures

Right up until the moment you heard the sound of horse hooves pounding against the pavement, you might have suspected from the current of excitement racing through the crowd that someone in the midst had won the lottery. Children were yelling and screaming, adults were clapping their hands and leaning forward to stretch their necks. Suddenly, the horses came into view, except they were not just horses; they were huge horses. They were the Budweiser Clydesdales and the crowd went wild. The eight gentle giants were followed by the red brewery wagon, weighing four tons with its smallest star, a Dalmatian mascot, riding on top. For a few moments, the part of the world where I was standing was a glad and joyous place where young and old alike shared a unique privilege.

I thought a lot about the experience of that evening and it didn’t take long for me to decide that we need a lot more moments like that. So often in this troubled world of ours we forget the little, simple pleasures that make for a meaningful life. I must have witnessed a thousand smiles in that brief expanse of time, more smiles than I see most of the time in a 12-hour day.

County water risk called low

Arthur Swope admits he was a little nervous when he received a letter from the Boone County Public Water Supply District 9 saying radium levels in the water exceeded maximum contaminant levels during 2003.

“It makes you wonder what’s going on,” Swope said.

11 seek to win nomination for treasurer

The August primaries are just around the corner, and money matters to the 11 candidates for state treasurer, whose numbers will be whittled to no more than three after Aug. 3.

Boehm endorsement surprises candidates

At Sunday’s grand opening of the Boone County Democratic Headquarters, Sheriff’s Capt. Dwayne Carey stayed toward the back of the crowd with his family. He remained humble in spite of a key endorsement.

Saturday, Boone County Sheriff Ted Boehm changed his mind about not naming his choice for the Democratic sheriff’s candidate. He decided to endorse Carey.

Bridge over troubling traffic

For the more than 4,000 people who cross busy College Avenue between Rollins Street and Hospital Drive each day, the trek will be much safer beginning this fall.

Construction of a $4.2 million pedestrian bridge is scheduled to be finished by mid-August. The bridge will be located where about 60 to 70 percent of those crossing College Avenue chose to walk, according to surveys by MU Residential Life, main sponsor of the project, said MU spokesperson Christian Basi.

Rock Bridge High School honor roll

A Honor Roll

Grade 10: Aaron M. Bartelt, Megan L. Batal, Kay L. Bruemmer, Josiah A. Bryan, Hae-Min Cho, Alexander M. Cook, Lynn E. Crum, Anne A. Flaker, Alyse N. Galarza, Deb S. Gangopadhyay, Amanda R. Grayson, Natashia M. Guidry, Cory M. Hoeferlin, Thomas B. Hogan, Leah M. Hunter, Ryan S. Hyder, Heidi Israelsen, Han-Gil Jang, Savannah Jones-Salisbury, Jessica L. Ketring, Aaditya Khatri, Jessica L. Klockow, Karla A. Kruse, Daniel E. Lopez, Lauren L. Martin, Kaitlin M. Mathis, Rachel A. Mends, Ashley C. Miles, Amanda J. Miller, Jennifer M. Mink, Mustafa M. Mohammad, Matthew S. Montgomery, Chelsey J. Morgan, Mita N. Patel, Lacey A. Phillips, Ashish Premkumar, Christopher T. Rice, Rebecca E. Rieger, Andrew L. Ruth, James K. Schoelz, Ashley M. Schroeder, Al-Barrae R. Shebib, Anne C. Sheriff, Bernell Thompson, Heather N. Walters, Kurt J. Warnhoff, Wesley R. Warnhoff, Justin D. Wehmeyer and Cory R. Bradford-Watts.