Tennis: Saturday night fever helps Rock Bridge roll

JOPLIN — The Rock Bridge tennis team was in a dancing mood Saturday.

Playing with something extra, namely urgency, the Bruins raced through their two Class 2 sectional matches so they could return home to meet dinner reservations.

From trash to energy

It stinks.

It’s usually kept out of sight. And most Columbia residents routinely get rid of it each week, happy to discard the stuff by their curbs without much thought.

Call it garbage, waste, refuse or trash. But soon, today’s trash could be generating the electricity that lights your living room or powers your coffee maker. When garbage decomposes, methane gas, which can be harnessed and used for energy, is emitted. Columbia’s landfill currently has enough buried waste — more than 2 million tons — to pursue a landfill gas-to-energy project.

Catching a late flight

Margaret Ritter isn’t allowing age to get in the way of taking her life to new heights.

The 92-year-old great-great-grandmother didn’t hesitate when her family planned to send her on a trip 300 feet high in a basket beneath a balloon just for the thrill of it.

New look complements Missouri’s new arena

The first day of practice is always like a holiday for Jimmy McKinney, but this year he found a $75-million present under the tree.

McKinney and the Missouri men’s basketball team started the season Saturday with an early morning practice at Paige Arena, the Tigers’ new state-of-the-art home.

Overseas votes could tip elections

Gregg Louis cast his vote for the November elections on Thursday.

Because he’s 4,000 miles away from his Springfield, Mo., voting precinct, studying abroad here for a semester, he had to jump through some extra hoops to make it happen.