Behind new bars

The road to Algoma Correctional Facility is narrow and winding, beset by dead, brown grass. The prison is on a hill, its rusted barbed wire and paint-peeled watchtowers reminders of the conditions that pushed the state of Missouri to construct a new prison, which sits on 144 acres at the bottom of the hill.

The new Jefferson City Correctional Center, which opened in September at a cost of $128 million, is all concrete and asphalt. The low-slung housing units, with their blue-tiled roofs, contrast starkly with the drab, monotonous gray of the rest of the facility. Inside, from floor to ceiling, everything looks and smells fresh. Inmates, who crisscross the building’s interior in teams of two with mop and bucket in hand, scrub the floors to a white sheen. This is a place that concerns itself primarily with efficiency. Under the circumstances, this means constant vigilance.

MU women out for respect

The Missouri women’s basketball team likes to think it’s hiding out in the Big 12 Conference.

Coach Cindy Stein said opponents are likely to underestimate Missouri—the team she says no one is thinking or talking about.

Classic nets Ivy League players

When Missouri lost to Michigan in the first round of the National Invitation Tournament last March to finish the season 16-14, it was seen as a disappointing end to a disappointing season.

For Brown to end the 2003-04 season with a 14-13 record was a different story.